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dealer in pianos, music, and musical merchandise, at No. 60 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1817, where he remained until nineteen years of age, receiving his education in the national schools, during which time he commenced to learn the piano-making business. In 1836 he came to the United States and settled in Boston, where he continued at his trade and then removed to New York, where he learned more of the business. He spent a number of years in Boston, New York, and in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While living in Halifax he did most of the repairing of pianos in that section of the British Provinces. In 1868 he removed to Chicago, Illinois, and engaged in the same business, his special interests requiring him to travel throughout the Western States. In 1872 he came to San Jose and established himself in his present business, which he has since conducted.

        Mr. Laurilliard was married, in 1838, to Miss Mary Osborne, a native of Scotland. Five children were born to this marriage: Henry, in business with his father; Mary, the wife of George R. Bent, of San Jose; Osborne, who died in San Francisco in 1872; Arthur, in the piano business in Oregon; and Annie, the widow of the late John G. Gosbee, of San Jose. Mr. Laurilliard descends from a French Huguenot family, who removed to England from France during the Huguenot troubles, and afterward to America, and located in Nova Scotia, where his branch of the family received a grant of land from the British Government. Mr. Laurilliard's whole life has been devoted to music, and to the improvement and development of musical instruments.


Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H. S. Foote.- Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.

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