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        Nearly every visitor who comes to the beautiful Santa Clara Valley will hear of the large prune orchard.  This has reference to the one owned by Abraham P. Chrisman. It is situated on the Los Gatos and Saratoga road, about three miles from Los Gatos, and in one of the most beautiful and productive spots in the valley. A great many visitors to Los Gatos or in the immediate vicinity will pay a visit to this orchard, and, in fact, from those who have seen it the fame of its beauty and grandeur has gone abroad throughout the Eastern States. This and the orchard adjoining, owned by Mr. Handy, is known as the Huggins and Stoddard Prune Orchard. In May, 1886, the east half, seventy-one acres, was purchased by Mr. Chrisman, all the land being under cultivation. There are fifty-three acres in French prunes, eight years old, thirteen acres in apricots, three years old, besides three acres devoted to a family orchard of various kinds of fruit in good bearing condition. There are also three acres devoted to drying grounds, in preparing the fruit for the market. The number of trees of the different kinds are as follows: French prunes, about 9,300; apricots, about 1,300, and in the family orchard there are about 350 trees, together with grapevines of different varieties. The product from the place for the year 1887 was about 300 tons of fruit.

        Abraham P. Chrisman is a native of Contra Costa County, California, where he was born January 2, 1855, a son of John P. and Barbara (Powell) Chrisman. He was raised in the town of Danville, and came to Santa Clara County on the ninth day of June, 1887. He was united in marriage, September 20, 1881, to Mary L. McDonald, a native of Ralls County, Missouri, where she was born April 15, 1865. They have two children: John P., born August 12, 1883, and Ethel, born October 21, 1884.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H. S. Foote.- Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.
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