Cupertino Fruit Grower

SURNAMES:  Anticevich, Kucer, Kristicevich, Brajenvich

Through industry and a natural intuition to foresee the progress that Santa Clara County was destined to make, Anton Saich, by buying and improving orchards at the opportune time, has been very successful and thur he has become independent financially and a man of influence. Born October 11, 1863, he is a native of Golubinica, Dalmatia, the son of Anton and Mary (Anticevich) Saich. The senior Saich was occupied with farming, and was a seafaring man, making trips on sailing vessels to different portions of the world. The family consisted of three children, John, Peter, and Anton the subject of the sketch.

Anton attended school in his native town and worked on farms at home until he was twenty-five years old, then in July, 1889, he came to Philadelphia and immediately came to California. He worked in San Francisco in the hotel business for one year, but that kind of work was not to his likeing, so he again took up farm work. For about one year he worked on ranches near Watsonville and Capitola; then came to Santa Clara County and settled near Cupertino, working for wages for a time; then in 1900 he bought twenty-two and a half acres, all set to prunes, on the Stevens Creek Road. From time to time he has purchased additional acreage until he now owns 110 acres of fine orchard, set to prunes, peaches, apricots, cherries and grapes. His ranch is well equipped with wells for irrigating and the water is piped to all parts of the ranch. He has rebuilt his house and farm buildings and all are now in fine shape; he has pulled out and reset about forty-five acres, so it is now one of the valuable orchards in the district.   For many years Mr. Saich was engaged in buying and drying fruit, which he sold to packers, while he was also engaged in shipping cherries to the eastern markets. However, about three years ago he found the management of his large ranch and the curing and sale of the fruit on his place occupied all of his time, and he discontinued the business of fruit buyer to devote all his time to his own place.

Mr. Saich was first married in Santa Clara in 1901, being united with Miss Annie Kucer, a daughter of Steve and Kate (Kristicevich) Kucer; the father, a contractor and builder in Dalmatia, was accidentally kileed by a fall while working on a building. She was born near Mr. Saich's native place and to Santa Clara with her brother. Their union, howevre, was broken by her passing away, August 5, 1902, leaving him her infant son, born thiry-five days before his bereavement, whom they had named Anton, Jr., and whom the father tenderly cared for and reared, and he is now his father's right-hand man and able to assistant in his horticultural enterprise.

  Mr. Saich some time afterwards married a second time, to Miss Teresa Brajenvich, who was born in the same vicinity as her husband, a daughter of John and Frances Brajenvich, the father being a farmer in his native Dalmatia. By his second marriage Mr. Saich has four children, Mary, Frances, Anna and John, all under the parental roof, dutiful and obedient children, a credit to their parents. A believer in protection for Americans and proud of being a naturalized citizen of his adopted coutnry, Mr. Saich is a stanch Republican. A substantial and successful man, he is enterprising and liberal and can be counted on for support to worthy movements and progressive measures that have for their aim the upbuilding and improving of the county and enhancing the comfort and happiness of its people.

[Ed. Note-many members of this family are buried at the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery]

Transcribed by Marie Clayton, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 523