The Valley of Heart's Delight

Ada Scott Morton, M. D.
Stockton Family of Physicians
Surgeon of San Jose

Surnames:  Frederick

Prominent among the distinguished members of the medical profession in Santa Clara County, Dr. Ada Scott Morton is a well-known surgeon of San Jose, who has been able to exert a helpful influence in the advancement of the practice of surgery. An native daughter, she was born in Stockton, a member of a family of physicians.  Her maternal grandfather a native of Alabama, was Jr. John Ferguson, and he was widely known in both Alabama and Arkansas as a successful practitioner.  When he passed away, he also enjoyed the prestige as owner of an extensive plantation.  Her paternal grandfather was Dr. Thomas Scott, and he lived and died in Kentucky.  Her father, Richard Scott, was born in Kentucky, was married in the East and crossed the plains in 1849 in a wagon train, locating at Stockton. He brought mules and cattle across the plains, as well as a large freighting outfit; and engaged in freighting between Stockton and the mines, as well as into the upper San Joaquin Valley.  His brother, Dr. David Scott, and relatives, crossed the plains in 1857 and were killed in the Mountain Meadow massacre.  Dick Scott, as he was familiarly known, was successful as a freighter.  He went through some hazardous and harrowing experiences in those days, having been held up and robbed more than once.  Later on he engaged in ranching and became the owner of several farms and after he retired, leased them.  He always made his home in Stockton until he came to San Jose, where he spent his last days with Dr. Morton, passing away in 1919. Her mother, who was born in Alabama, where she was reared and educated at a female college, is a cultured and refined woman, who makes her home with her daughter, Dr. Morton, at her home in Linda Vista, aged eighty-four.  Dr. Morton's brother, Dr. C. L. Scott, is a practicing physician at Hanford; another brother is Dr. W. P. Scott of Bakersfield.

The twelfth child in a family of thirteen, Ada Scott grew up in Stockton, where her father operated as a large grain farm.  She was born in Stockton, March 17, 1882, and graduated from the Tulare high school in 1900, and then took, first a pre-medical and then a medical course at the California Medical School at San Francisco, after which she entered the medical department of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She was graduated on June 4, 1907, with the degree of M. D., and in the same year began her active practice , associating herself with her brother, Dr. W. P. Scott, at Bakersfield.  At the end of the year, in May 1908, she removed to San Jose and practiced until 1911; then, during 1911-12, she pursued post graduate work for eleven months at the Mayo brothers' celebrated clinic at Rochester, Minn., and each year she spends a month or two among Eastern clinics.  Just before the outbreak of the World War, she joined the clinical congress of surgeons of the world in London.  In January, 1914, De. Morton went to England and France, and while there attended clinics under different surgeons, among them being Drs. Warterhouse and Lane in the former country, and Harman and Tuffier in the latter; and she was in France when war was declared; in fact was in a surgeons' meeting, standing by the side of Dr. Tuffier when he received the message that war was declared.  When she was ready to return, they ship was chased by submarines.

In the early part of 1913, Miss Scott married Dr. A. W. Morton of San Francisco, whom she later divorced, and from three to four years she practised in San Francisco as surgeon for the Santa Fe Railroad Company.  On May 8, 1919, she married to her present husband, Robert H Frederick, popularly known in athletic circles, where he is famous as an athlete and wrestler, as Ed. Strangler Lewis, and they are the parents of one child, Bobada Lewis.  He was born at Sheboygan Falls, Wis., in 1909, of German extraction, is six feet one and one-half inches tall, and weighs 240 pounds.  He was educated at Louisville, Ky., and was the athletic instructor there.  He offered his services to the U. S. Government, was stationed at Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill., and taught the soldier boys hand-to-hand fighting.  he is now the world's champion wrestler.  Dr. Morton retains her former name for professionals reasons , and she enjoys an extensive practice as a surgeon. 
Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1080

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