The Valley of Heart's Delight

from Ragusa, Dalmatia-


Bio- Sawyers- page 1649
[see bio of brother Nickolas]

A very successful horticulturist, who has been a resident of Santa Clara County since June 1886, and has established a reputation for industry and square dealing, is Antone Zarevich. He is born near Ragusa, Dalmatia, September 18, 1867, and is one of six  chldren, four living, born to the parents, Antone and Mary (Klunak) Zarevich.  Both parents are now deceased. Antone as a lad had the advantages of the public schools and was brought up on the home farm. In 1886, when he was eighteen years old, he came to the United States and immediately came across the continent to San Jose, Cal.  He had no funds, so he immediately went to work in orchards and on farms, and in time became foreman on the same ranches where he had worked as a farmhand.  For five years he was foreman for Simowich, then foreman for Blake for three years, after which he worked on the Kraker ranch, first as foreman, then as manager of the ranch until 1916.  Meantime, as early as 1892, he had purchased land on Homestead Road, where he had fifteen acres planted to orchard, and when it reached full bearing he sold it at a good profit.  He had also bought land on Stevens Creek Road and Saratoga Avenue, adding to this adjoining land until he now owns forty acres, the entire corner, which is mostly in prunes, the balance being in peaches, now in full bearing and very valuable. He has built a garage on the corner, making a splendid improvement as well as a source of income.  He owns a home orchard of ten acres on Stevens Creek Road, all in prunes, and there he has built a large, comfortable residence.

In 1916 he resigned as manager of the Kraker ranch to devote all his time to the management or his own properties.  He was first married in San Jose , in 1892, to Miss Micholetta Miglias, who died six years later, leaving two children, Antone, now deceased, and Mrs. Mary Klichin, who resides on a ranch near San Jose.  His second marriage occurred in San Francisco and united him with Miss Annie Josich also born in Dalmatia, and they are the parents of  one child, Annie.  Mr. Zarevich has been a member of the Austrian Benevolent Society since 1887, and  St. Joseph's Benevolent Society , and the Goodfellows Lodge of San Jose.  He is an active member of the California Prune and Apricot Grower' Association and is an example of what industry can accomplish.  Starting only with his two hands, with no friends to back him, he has become independent and well-to-do, as well as influential.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1649


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