One of the outstanding firms engaged in the vulcanizing and auto tire business in San Jose is the firm of Baumgartner Bros., Edward C. and Frank L. Baumgartner composing the firm. Baumgartner Bros. are factory distributors for Samson tires, and Amalie oils and greases for Santa Clara County. 'They have a large vulcanizing establishment and are doing a fine, lucrative business, having recognized the growing possibilities of this territory, and the opportunities for expansion in their line of business.

Edward C. Baumgartner was born in San Jose. Cal., October 2, 1889, and is the son of Frank and Mary Baumgartner. His father migrated from Wisconsin, near Milwaukee during the year 1882 and for a number of years was engaged in business in San Jose. Edward- C. completed the grammar and high school courses in the public schools of San Jose. Upon graduation from high school, he entered Stanford University, remaining there for two terms. Upon leaving the university, he secured a position in the Stephens-Duryea garage, as a mechanic, his advancement to the sales department coming within a short time. Returning to San Jose, he entered the employ of Wallace Brothers, and was later with W. J. Benson.
During the year 1912, filled with the spirit of adventure, he took a trip to Alaska, spending one year there hunting and prospecting. The lure of his native state proved too much for him, however, and returning, he settled in San Jose. He immediately engaged in the automobile business, being agent for the Paige and Columbus cars for two years. At the end of this time, he went into partnership with Mr. Rabau, in the tire and vulcanizing business.

Edward C. Baumgartner was married on June 24, 1915, to Miss Theodora Popp in the city of San Francisco. Miss Popp was born in San Jose. the daughter of Edward and Gertrude (Lenzen) Popp, both early pioneers of Santa Clara County. Two children have blessed this union, Betty and Thomas. Mr. Baumgartner is a member of the Observatory Parlor of the N. S. G. W., also of the B. P. 0. E. of San Jose. He is a firm believer in the principles of the Republican party.

Frank L. Baumgartner, the junior member of the firm, was also born in San Jose, his birthday being November 14, 1894, also was a student and graduate of the grammar and high schools of San Jose. Upon his graduation from the high school in 1913 he entered Stanford University as a law student and received his A. B. degree in 1917. On November 4, 1917, he entered the military service of his country, training at Camp Lewis in Sanitary Squad No. 47, an unattached contingent. In June, 1918. he embarked for overseas service, landing at Southhampton, England, thence to Cherbourg, France. His

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1243 cdf


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