An energetic man who did much to improve Santa Clara County and make of it the garden spot of today was the late Charles Gagliasso, who was born in Monforte, Piedmonte, Italy, October 15, 1864, where he was reared to habits of industry and received a good education in the common schools of his native place. He was married at Alba, Piedmonte, January 5, 1885, being united with Miss Margherita Lora, who was born in Guarena, Piedmonte, in 1865, and grew to womanhood in that interesting country in Northern Italy. In 1887 the young couple came to Santa Clara County, Cal., and located in the Montebello district. Mr. Gagliasso became foreman on Dr. Peroni's ranch and cleared and set out the Peroni vineyards, as well as superintending the building up of the winery on the place, and after ten years had 100 acres of the place in vineyard. He then purchased 160 acres of land on Table Mountain at the head of Stevens Creek and proceeded to clear the land and set out vines, in time having a vineyard of over 100 acres, and improved the place with residence and suitable buildings. Later he purchased the Dr. Hillman ranch, afterwards known as the Trout Farm, and proceeded in the same energetic way to improve it. However, these two ranches was not the limit of his capabilities for he also leased the Doyle ranch of 600 or 700 acres and operated it in connection with his two ranches until he passed away, March 4, 1911, leaving his widow and eight children and numerous friends to mourn his demise.

Since her husband's death, Mrs. Gagliasso took over the management of their ranches and with the aid of her children continues to care for and operate the properties. She sold the Trout Farm and purchased a splendid thirty-acre orchard at Campbell and a twenty-acre orchard on McLellan Avenue, near Cupertino, where she makes her home. Their eight children are all living and proving themselves worthy sons and daughters of a pioneer couple. Joseph assists his mother in the management of the different ranches; Anne, is the wife of H. W. Regnart, a horticulturist of this district; John, also assists his mother; Angelina, is Mrs. Conrote of Gilroy, but now traveling in Europe with her husband; Charles, is also assisting on the home farm; Onorina,  is the wife of Boze Kriletich, and  resides in San Frncisco; Fiurivanti and Michael are at home.  The children have been given a good education and are a credit to the patental training they have received.  Mrs. Galiasso is an intersted member of the California Prune and Apricot Growers' Association and with her family is a member of St. Joseph de Cupertino Catholic Church.

Obituary of Charles Fiuri Chassey Gagliasso 2000
From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1090

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