Soft Drink Bottler-San Jose


An American by adoption who has become both an exemplary, devoted citizen and as great an enthusiast for California as any native son, is Charles J. Vath, who was born in Germany on November 28, 1869, the son of a government official, Sebastian Vath, well-known for his progressive ideas and methods. He had married Miss Barbara Geiger, an accomplished woman who, like her husband, made many friends. They provided a good home and sent Charles to the best local schools, so that he was given a helpful start in the world.

Fate provided that when only fifteen he should come out to the United States, and it also demanded  that he shouls work hard soon after arriving here; but his ambition led him to attend night schol, and  in this way he overcame what might otherwise have been a serious handicap in a county to whose language customs he was a stranger  He located in New York for five years, and then passed ten years in San Francisco in the butcher trade.

Removing to San Jose in 1901, Mr. Vath established himself as a bottler of all soft drinks.  He owns the most modern of equipment, and from his wsell-equipped plant at Fourth and Virginia streets, he ships to Santa Clara, San Benito and San Mateo, counteis.  He belongs to the Rotary Club, the Elks and the Olympic Club of San Francisco;  is a standpat Republican, and never neglects an opportunity to further the best interest of the community in chich he lives and thrives.

On July 10, 1895, Mr. Vath was married at San Franicsco, to Miss Frances Wrede, a native of San Francisco, and they have one child, a promising son named Herman S. Vath, who saw service with the U. S. Army as clerk of a hospital corps during  the recent World War, and is now carrying on the business. He married at San Jose, Ethyl Scheele, who was then living in the Garden City.
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