The Valley of Heart's Delight

Chatterton Bakery
Palo Alto, California


A thoroughly progressive and efficent busienss man of Palo Alto, Charles Thiel is the enterprising proprietor of the Chatterton Bakery, located at 527 Ramona Street.  He is a native of Germany and was born December 14, 1861, and when very young learned the baker's trade in Saarbrucken, Lorraine.  When seventeen years old he left for the United States and landed in New York City and was occupied with his trade.  He lived in several cities and either worked for others or operated bakeries of his own, but all the time he kept working toward the Pacific Coast, being employed in St. Louis, Philadelphia, Fort Smith, Ark., Seattle, Wash., and Portland , Oregon.

Mr. Thiel's marriage occurred in South Manchester, Conn., and united him with Miss Julia Lachat, born in Canton Berne, Switzeralnd, and they are the parents of three hildren, Harriet Elizabeth, bookkeeper for the Winchester Arms Company in San Francisco; Frieda Alice, a senior in the Palo Alto high school; William J. died at the age of thirteen years.  In March, 1919, Mr. Thiel sold his bakery business in Ferndale, Washington, and the famliy removed to Palo Alto and purchased the Chatterton Bakery.  Mr. Thierl is an expert in his line; and sanitation is stricly adhered to an his bakery is modernly equipped.  Mrs. Thiel is a true helpmeet, assisting in the store besides attending to home duties and the care and education of her children.  Mr. Thiel has prospered in his adopted country and has ever striven to give back from what which he has thus bountifully received.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922.  page 1606



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