DANIEL LEWIS MOODY. The livery business conducted by Daniel Lewis Moody in Santa Clara has proved a profitable enterprise both for its owner and the city in which it is located.  The business was established in its present location about thirty years ago, Mr. Moody also engaging then as now in the buying, selling and breaking of horses, his business sagacity and judgment, energy and ability, being the groundwork for the competence which he has built up in the passing years. Born in Jackson county, Mo., October 9, 1835, he was the son of John Moody, a native of Tennessee.

In an early day John Moody removed from his native state, to Missouri, where he located in Jackson county, and engaged in farming and stock-raising. His latter years were spent among the scenes of California, to which state he was brought in 1859 by his son, Daniel L. He located in  Mountainview,  where he purchased and took up land, upon which he engaged in farming until his death in 1888. he became a member of Christian Church in this locality. Politically he adhered to the principles advocated in the platform of the Democratic party. His wife, formerly, Mary King, of Kentucky, also died here. They were the parents of five sons and five daughters, all of whom attained maturity, while five are now living.

Daniel Lewis Moody was the youngest son and the sixth child in his father's family. He was reared to the age of fourteen years among the scenes of his birthplace, receiving a rather limited education through the medium of the common schools, in the vicinity of his home. In 1851, in the care of his uncle, Peter Haun; he, crossed the plains to California by means of ox teams. Upon his arrival in the west he located with his uncle in Santa Clara. where he remained for a short time, going then to live with his brother, George W. Moody, in the San Joaquin valley and engaged in taking care cattle during the years of 1852 and '53. In 1854 he returned to Santa Clara county, and for a time by farmers throughout the section, after which he rented land and engaged in farming independently. Four years later, in 1859 he returned to Missouri and brought his parents back to California, after which he rented land in Mountainview, and engaged in farming, for two or three years. In 1863 he went to Mexico and remained a short time, when he returned and farmed for another year, after which he engaged in trading, buying and breaking horses, following this with the establishment of the business with which he has since been connected.

In Santa Barbara, Cal., in 1874, Mr. Moody was married to Rosa Tillford, a native of Missouri, and whose death occurred in this city. Of the two children born of that union Lulu B is deceased and Elsie is at home. In Watsonville, Cal., Mr. Moody was united a second time, Eliza Spiegel, of California, becoming his wife. Mr. Moody is a member of the Church of Christ of Santa. Clara, in which he officiates as deacon and trustee, and is active in the promotion of religious thought and life in the community. Politically he casts his ballot with the Prohibition party.

History of the state of California and biographical record of coast counties, California: An historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlement to the present time : also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

By James Miller Guinn
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