For decades, San Jose has been famed, among the most prosperous business centers and the most attractive home towns, for its law and order, and much of its recent enviable reputation is undoubtedly due to the efficiency and conscientiousness to duty of David William Campbell, the popular captain of police. A native of Loudoun County, Va., born near Leesburg, September 30. 1850. he is the son of Henry and Amelia A. Tarlton Campbell, both of whom are dead, the father having passed away prior to his devoted wife. Three brothers of our subject participated in the Civil War and lost their lives in the great conflict.

David attended the private schools of his locality, the public school system not having then been developed in that part of the country, and for years he followed farming in Virginia. In 1870 he moved to Clark County, Ohio. and that fall went to Springfield. Ill., where he farmed in Sangamon County until March. 1876, when he came to San Francisco. Cal.. arriving March 16. Three days later he came to San Jose and here he worked on a dairy farm for five years and then delivered bread and other bakery wares for six years more and such was his fidelity and cheerful attention to the wants of his customers that he soon built up a large business.

In December, 1888. Mr. Campbell was appointed to the police force, and January 1, 1889, he began his work as policeman. At the end of two years he was elected constable for two years, and at the conclusion of the first term was re-elected for a like period. In 1895 he returned to the police force; and in 1902 he was appointed captain. Since then Captain Campbell has been very closely identified with the development of the best interests of the city. His views on civic affairs lead him to endorse, as a rule, the platforms of the Democratic party; but he is really a man above mere partisanship, and so finds it easy to pull strong and effectively with any body of local citizens for whatever is apparent to him as promising the best for the community.

In San Francisco in 1882, Captain Campbell was married to Miss Mary Welch, born in San Francisco, a daughter of John and Mary Welch, early settlers of San Francisco. and their union has resulted in the birth of two children. Eva, the elder, is Mrs. B. Henshaw of San Jose; while Ethel, who also had many friends, died inher twenty-first year. Mr. Campbell is the oldest man in service in the police department, having served a third of a century.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1137


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