BIO- Alley Bowen

This worthy pioneer, who has given two sons to the Legislature of California, was born in Ross county, Ohio, January 30, 1808, where he was educated , and resided , until February, 1835, at which time he moved to Marion county, and for five years engaged in farming. Thence he proceeded to Caledonia, in the same county, and combined a mercantile and tailoring business.  Two years after, he embarked in hotel-keeping, seceding from the first-named , and continued it until his determination to proceed to California was arrived at.  Early in the  ever memorable year of 1859 Mr. Zuck entered into a contract with General George Rowe to accompany a party across the plains to the Pacific.  They were fitted out at St. Joseph, Missouri, and a start effected April 12th of that year. 

All went well with our travelers until the Platte river was reached, on June 1st, when a raid was made upon them by Indians, and two of their oxen stolen.  After a chase of five miles the depredators were overhauled and called upon to surrender, when a skirmish ensured.  One of the party, Dr. Fisher, had his horse shot under him, and other, Ben Toppin, was wounded by an arrow piercing his thigh.  Four of the red skins were made to bite the dust.  The remainder of the journey was made without further mishap, and Mr. Zuck believes that even the misadventure that happened might have been avoided.  On October 26, 1849, the subject of our narrative arrived at the mines on the Yuba river, and there remained until January 28, 1850, when he moved higher up the stream, to Bullard's Bar, but had poor success.  In December, 1850, he worked as a farm laborer on the Horn Cut, and four months later purchased a ranch.  Hitherto he had had no financial success; now he essayed practical farming.  Purchasing two hundred acres of land in partnership with R. F. Piat, he located about fourteen miles from  Marysville, on the Horn Cut, and there took up his residence.  Mr. Zuck now determined to visit the East.   He therefore sailed from San Francisco, December 5, 1851, in the steamer Golden Gate, on her first voyage, and arrived in New York on New Year's morning, 1852.

Having recrossed the plains, he arrived on his  farm, near Marysville, on September 17th, of that year, whence he removed to Santa Clara county, November 7, 1853, and on the following day located on the property he occupies, now comprising eight hundred and forty acres, where he is engaged in farming and stock-raising.  Married, April 11, 1833, Maria Eliza Linton, a native of Ohio, who died , May 10, 1881, by whom he has Mary Ann, born March 25, 1834; John, born November 5, 1835, died  March 22, 1867; {The Hon. John Zuck was elected to the House of Assembly of the State of California, on the Republican ticket, September 4, 1861, when he polled one thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven votes, being forty-five more than the Hon. Charles Maclay, Republican, and one hundred thirty-one more that Hon. J. Brown, Republican.  He died full of promise,  and much regretted.}  Harriet, born May 10, 1838; WIlliam H., born November 16, 1841, who died December 27, 1863; James C., born January 14, 1844; {The Ho. James C. Zuck is the confrere of the Hon. G. F. Baker, in the present Senate of the State of California.}  Albion Theo., born May 30, 1846, who died April 29, 1870.

History of Santa Clara County, California 
San Francisco: Alley, Bowen & Co., 1881, 838 pgs.
page 639-640
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