Born under the French flag, on the Island of Martinique. Eugene Delyon has had the unique experience of a four years' residence on the Island of Tahiti, in the South Seas, now the mecca of thousands of travelers whose tastes are for the far places of the earth. Mr. Delyon was born at Flor de France on July 13, 1882. and there he was educated and spent the years of his young manhood. A wish to see more of the world led him to leave his island home and his first view of the United States was when he crossed the continent on his way to the South Seas where for four years he conducted a shoe business on Tahiti.

Coming back to the United States, he located at Palo Alto and for four years was employed at Thoit's Shoe Store there. He then started in business for himself, opening up a shoe store and repair, shop at Stanford University. In 1910 he opened up a second shop at Mayfield and operated them both until the late war, when for a time he was in the service of his adopted country. At this time he disposed of his Stanford University shop to his brother, who still runs it, and since returning from the U. S. service he has given all of his time to his business at Mayfield. He carries a well-selected stock of footwear and has a full complement of shoe-repairing machinery, run by electric power, and he is himself an expert in this work. This is the only exclusive boot and shoe store in Mayfield and Mr. Delyon has built up a substantial business there which bids fair to increase year by year, due to his genial personality and his up-to-date business methods.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1159


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