The last word of science and the spirit of helpful interest in suffering humanity are well exemplified in the arduous life and successful work of Dr. Edward Newell, the well-known physician and surgeon of San Jose, undoubtedly one of the best representatives of the medical profession in California. He was born at East Hardwick, Caledonia County, Vt., on September 30, 1873. the son of A. W. Newell, a substantial business man, who died there in 1893, aged fifty-seven. He had married Miss Lucy A. Hardy. Mrs. Newell came to California- in 1894, and rich in a wide circle of friends, is still living. Edward attended the local grammar and high schools, and then matriculated at Colgate Academy, that famous alma mater for so many worth-while men, at Hamilton, N. Y. Then, for six years, he engaged in mercantile lines of trade, and in 1894 he came West to California. Here he continued high school and Normal school studies, while he acted as agent for the Mercury when it was owned by C. Wooster, and he; with Hugh De Lacy, originated and carried out the present system of distribution; and after that he enrolled in the College of Physicians and Surgeons in San Francisco, from which he was graduated, with the M. D. degree, in 1904.

Doctor Newell then served for nine months in the city and county hospital as an interne, in San Francisco, then he was with Drs. Howard and Amelia Gates for one year. He also profited by the opportunity to go to New York for post graduate medical work. Of recent years, Doctor Newell has practiced for himself. Naturally he is an honored member of the American Medical Association and also the State and County Medical Societies. In August, 1908, he was married in San Jose to Miss Ava E. Wilkin, of San Jose, an accomplished lady, tile meet companion for a professional man with ideals and ambition; and their home life has been blessed by their son, Paul Fowler Newell. The family attend the Grace Baptist Church, and Doctor Newell adds to the influence of the Republican party. Doctor Newell belongs to the Y. M. C. A. and is an enthusiast for both basketball and golf.
RICHARD V. BRESSANI.—A scholarly, experienced and very successful attorney who has had the advantage of several years of work in the county clerk's office, is Richard V. Bressani, a native son of California, who was born at San Jose on February 1, 1894. His father, August Bressani, and his mother, who was Mary Del Piero before her marriage, came here in 1889, and both are still living. Richard went to school like all the other boys of the neighborhood and in course of time he was graduated from St. Joseph's School. Then in 1913 he was given  his Bachelor of Arts degree at Santa Clara University and two years later, the Santa Clara institution conferred upon him the coveted LL.B. degree. For three years he was a deputy in the county clerk's office, where his knowledge of local affairs was decidedly enlarged; and on August 1, 1919, he commenced to practice for himself. From the start he was more than fortunate, and it is evident today that his chances for a brilliant future are such as would inspire any young man. He is a member of the Democratic County Central Committee, but is broader in his view of civic problems, and favors

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1447


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