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Bio- Sawyers
A gentleman of large experience in the affairs of life, whose days of retirement are brightened by the possession of a large circle of devoted friends, is Edwin P. Gamble, of 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto.  He was born in Cincinnati on December 18, 1852, and his father was James Gamble, a native of the North of Ireland, who came to the United States in far-away 1818.  They located in Cincinnati, where Mr. Gamble engaged in the manufacture of soap.  He formed a partnership with William Procter, a candle manufacturer, and together they founded a company, in 1836, which later became the firm of Procter and Gamble, makers of Ivory Soap.   Mr. Gamble married Miss Elizabeth Morris, and she was born in Ireland.

Edwin Gamble finished his formal education at Cornell University, and never having been active in his business, he spent thirty years on his stock farm near Paris, Kentucky.  He married Miss Lawder, a native of Ireland, and they have four children:  Dr. James Gamble, George E. , Elizabeth F., and Launcelot J. Gamble.  In 1901 Mr. Gamble came to California and the next year he built his home at Palo Alto, where he has for years spent most of his time.  He was among the founders of, and is still active as a director in the Palo Alto First National Bank of Palo Alto.   He belongs to the Methodist Church, and he and his devoted family live at 1431 Waverley Street, where they dispense a generous hospitality.  California, and especially Santa Clara County, welcomes such estimable citizens as Edwin P. Gamble.
Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1330

BIO- Palo Alto Community Book
One of Palo Alto's most highly regarded residents and a generous benefactor of the city, was the late Edwin P. Gamble, who spent the most of the last thirty-eight years of his life here.

A son of James Gamble, a founder of the Proctor and Gamble Co., Edwin P. Gamble was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 18, 1852, and passed away in Palo Alto on April 26, 1939.

Mr. Gamble was a member of the class of 1875 of Cornell University. He subsequently took an agricultural course at Bussey Institute, affiliated with Harvard University.

Prior to taking up his residence in Palo Alto in 1901, Mr. Gamble lived on his farm in Kentucky. Not caring for a business career he was never actively connected wit the Proctor and Gamble Company,but devoted most of his life to the management of the Kentucky farm.

Mr. Gamble had a number of local interests, including his directorship in the old First National Bank of Palo Alto. He was always interested in the affairs of All Saints Episcopal Church, and was a generous contributor to various philanthropies, including particularly the Stanford Convalescent Home.

Mrs. Gamble was formerly Miss Elizabeth Lawder, and was born inn Leittrim County, Ireland, and was the daughter of Launcelot and Elizabeth (Morgan ) Lawder. In Palo Alto she was a communicant of All Saints Episcopal Church and had always taken a deep and generous interest in its welfare. Mrs. Gable passed away on January 25, 1927.

Mr. and Mrs. Gamble are survived by four children: Dr. James L. Gamble, who recently retired as a member of the factuality of the Harvard Medical School; George E. Gamble, a mining engineer; Elizabeth Gamble, of Palo ALto, and Launcelot J. Gamble, a resident of Redwood City, with ranching interest in various parts of California.
SOURCE: Palo Alto Community Book, Guy MIller, 1952

BIO- Palo Alto Community Book
One of Palo Alto's most philanthropic individuals is Miss Elizabeth F. Gamble, who during the many years of her residence in this city, has never failed to support any worthy cause.

Born on a farm near Millerburg, Kentucky, she is a daughter of James Gamble , one of the founder of the Proctor and Gamble Company.

It was in the 1901 that Miss Gamble's family took up residence in Palo Alto, her father erecting at that time one of the finest home in the city where Miss Gamble continues to reside at 1431 Waverley Street.

Miss Gamble attended Palo ALto High School for one year, and then became a student at what was then known as the Thoburn School, which subsequently was taken over by Miss Katherine Harker. She next spent a year at Stanford and then transferred to Wellesley College, where she graduated in 1910.

Miss Gamble has been a member of the executive board of the Palo Alto Hospital, and is now on its social service committee. She has long taken an interest in the local chapter oft he American Red Cross and of All Saints Episcopal church. Many other worthy organizations in Palo Alto and elsewhere have been the recipient of her benevolence, but most of her charitable work has been carried on in a very quiet way.
SOURCE- Palo Alto Community Book, Guy Miller, 1952
A Conversation with Elizabeth F. Gamble