Emil T. Neben


     Emil T. Neben, born in New York city, September 13, 1856, is the eldest of a family of four brothers and threes sisters, children of Ernst and Helena P. (Benedike) Neben, both of German birth.  His father was educated in England and attended art school there, also in Germany, France, and in Italy, and devoted his life to art work in oil.  The subject of this sketch and his next younger brother, Ernst A., were instructed in art by their father from early boyhood, and have always followed that pursuit.  Ernst A. Is at the head of the art department of the National Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Philadelphia.  Emil started as a sketcher of scenery for tourist and historical publications, and fine lithographic work.  He worked in New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Boston, and Cleveland, and has traveled extensively throughout the country.  In 1883 he began a series of experiments which resulted in the discovery of a new process of etching on zinc and copper, by which a depth of lines in the plate rendered it possible to print a hundred thousand copies of the etching without interruption, a great improvement over former methods.

   Several years ago Mr. Neben published a description of this etching process for relief and intaglio printing, decoration of China ware, etc., which he had practiced and introduced by the aid of photography.  This description, even in its most condensed form, is too prolix and technical for the general reader, but Mr. Neben will be pleased to furnish the details of the process to all inquirers.

     Mr. Neben was united in wedlock with Alice Cornelia Dauphin, January 2, 1882.  Mrs. Neben is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  They came to California and to San Jose in November, 1887, where Mr. Neben is pursuing his art work.  His brother, Henry G., also resides in San Jose, and is one of the finest chromatic printers in this country.  The mother and the rest of the family reside in New York and Philadelphia.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote.- Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.

Transcribed by: Letisha Oddo   Pg. 403/404


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