The Valley of Heart's Delight

Frank Anello
Santa Clara County Rancher
 from Palerma , Italy
History of Santa Clara 1384


Frank Anello a reward for his industry Frank Anello has a fine ranch of thirty acres on the Homestead Road, near Santa Clara , and its development has been due to his energy and forethough. Mr. Anello is a long way from the land of his childhood, for he was born  in the Province of Palerma, Italy, May 7, 1893, a son of Vincent and Providence Anello, the father a farmer in his native land.  Frank is the youngest of a famiy of three children; Madeline is now Mr. Chiovaro and has two children, Joseph and Francis and they live on the Homestaed Road;  Sam, married Mrs. Hill and they have three children, Vincent, Providence, and Frank.  In 1895 the father came to the United States and worked in various parts of the county, finally settling in Dixon , Texas, and in 1904 his family joined him.

Frank Anello received his education in the schools of his native province and his early childhood days were spent on a farm helping his father. Upon arrival in Texas, the father leased a small ranch and with the help of Frank ran it for one year, when they removed to Santa Clara County, where our subject worked for Frank Di Fore and later for H. F. Curry of Berryessa.  The father bought a ten-acre piece of property on the Senter Road, which was devoted to fruit raising and after six years, sold this ranch and a forty-two-acre property was purchased on the Homestead Road about three and half miles from Santa Clara.  Later this ranch was divided and his son-in-law now has ten acres and the balance remained in the possesion of the father, while Frank and his brother Sam Anello operate the orchard.  The land is well improved with an irrigating well and good buildings.

On August 28, 1917, Mr. Anello entered the U.S. Army and was set to Camp Kearney and served in the One Hundred Forty-fifty Machine Gun Battalion in Company B.   After a month's training this company was started on its way to France, and after arrival there Mr. Annelo was transfferred to the One Hundred Thirty-fifth Division.  Mr. Anello trained at various points in France and twenty-one days before the armistice was signed, his company was placed in the Cerndun sector.  While serving at the front Mr. Anello sprained his ankle very severely and was in the hospital for four months.  He returned to his home via Brest to Hoboekn, N. J., and thence to the Presidion, San Francisco, where he was discharged May 23, 1919, and returned to his home.

In Oakland, on  Novermber 28, 1920, Mr. Anello was married to Miss Mamie Chiovaro, a native of Louisiana.  While still a young girl, her parents remoed to Oakland there she received her education in the public schools.  They are the parents of one child, Providence.

Transcribed by  Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1384


SANTA CLARA COUNTY HISTORY- The Valley of Heart's Delight

July 22, 2005