The Valley of Heart's Delight

Dr. Frank L. Argall

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Dr. Frank L. Argall was born in Cornwall, England, thirty-six years ago this August (1888); came to the United States in 1869, and to California in 1874 living meantime in New Jersey.  Dr. Argall came immediately to San Jose, and, after attending school two years at the University of the Pacific, went into the office of Dr. J. N. Prather, to study dentistry.  In 1883 he opened a dental office, and has since been engaged in active practice by himself.  About three years ago Dr. William J. Younger, of San Francisco, mad a very important discovery in the science of dentistry by demonstrating the feasibility of the transplantation of teeth.  It consists of boring out or preparing the cavity from which a tooth has been extracted a decayed tooth, or from which a tooth has been lost by any means, and inserting a healthy tooth, on which the pericementum, or membranous covering, has not been destroyed.  When the work is properly done, even though the tooth transplanted may have been extracted months or even years before, a health union at once begins to take place with the organs of the alveolar cavity, and in a few months the tooth becomes as solid and firmly attached as the natural teeth which have never been disturbed.  Some of these transplanted teeth put in by Dr. Younger have been used over twelve years, and are a perfect success.  Within the past year Dr. Argall has given special attention to this valuable new feature in dentistry, and has performed several operations in transplanting teeth.  A few months since he extracted the superior left lateral incisor tooth, which was too badly decayed to be filled, from the mouth of a young man, and in its place implanted the corresponding tooth extracted from a lady’s mouth nearly three months before.  Nature began to form the union, and in a short time the implanted tooth was nearly as firm as his others.  This wonderful discovery in dental science demonstrates the tenacity of life possessed by the peridental membrane environing the teeth.  Dr. Argall also performs all classes of professional dental work according to the most advanced methods of the science, among which is building new crowns on healthy roots. 

     Dr. Argall is the fifth of eight living brothers,two of whom are in Australia, and the rest in this country.  His mother resides in San Jose.  Dr. Argall was married June 27, 1888, to Miss Ella M. Bent, of San Jose. 

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote.- Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.
Transcribed by: Letisha Oddo     Pg. 404/405


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