The Valley of Heart's Delight



SURNAMES: Redner,  Zeliff,

Business enterprise at San Jose finds a worthy representative in Frank V. Caswell, the proprietor of the business known as the "Reliable Tire Repair Shop."  He is a native of Summit, Jackson County, Mich., and was born there October 8, 1884, a son of Charles and Mary (Redner) Caswell, who were both born and reared in Michigan, Mrs. Caswell being a native of Grand Rapids.  Mr. Caswell's father was engaged in farming in Jackson County, and was also successful in the lumber business.  For eleven years Frank V. lived with his parents on the farm, and in the public school acquired his education.  While still but a lad, he set out for himself, taking up farm work.  Not being satisfied to remain in this line of work, he journeyed to Albion and worked in the iron foundries there for some time, where he learned the trade of moulder.   Not having settled on the line of work he wished to pursue throughout his life, and wishing to see more of the world, he enlisted in the Navy, entering the Newport Naval School in 1901.  After ten months of intensive training, he was commissioned as third class petty officer.  Traveling from port to port, for many years, has served to give him a varied education, and has contributed much to his present success in the business world.

Having served his country with credit, Mr. Caswell was released from service and upon his return to New York, he entered the employ of the New York Central Railroad as fireman, but very soon tired o this kind of work, so left their employ and went home for a visit ot his parents in Jackson County.  While there, he decided to take up the trade of vulcanizing, which has proved to be the line he is most fitter for, and he has been extraordinary successful in this work. He was in charge of the vulcanizing classes at the "Old Reliable Tire Shop" in Detroit  Mich.  During the year of 1917 Mr. Caswell came into the beautiful Santa Clara Valley.  Although possessing but limited capital, with true pioneering spirit, he launched out in business for himself, and has been eminently successful.

In Detroit, Mich., Mr. Caswell was married to Miss Blanche E. Zeliff, a native of Chicago, Ill.  Her education was acquired at Chicago, and in 1918 she removed to California.  Mr. Caswell is actively identified with the Odd Fellows and the Woodmen of the World and also holds membership  in the Veterans of the Foreign Wars.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1202