The Valley of Heart's Delight

GEORGE E. ABEL- native of Milpitas, California
surnames:  Mulhern, Staunton, Melarkey, Staunton, Keating

A very successful and influential rancher who has remained in the vicinity of his birth and become more and more identified with that region is George E. Abel, a native of Milpitas, where he was born on January 3, 1882, a son of Henry and Margaret (Mulhern) Abel.  In pioneer days, Henry Abel set out from Wisconsin for California, and he chose Milpitas as the best place in which to found family and fortune. He became a retail meat-dealer, and continued to that important  trade for forty years.  His shop stood on the same spot on which now stands the home of our subject on the main street of Milpitas, south of the Catholic Church. When he quit his butcher shop and business, Mr. Abel went in to farming, and he acquired a farm of 500 acres on the Trimble Road, southwest of Milpitas.  Mr. and Mrs. Abel had a family of four children, and our subject was the youngest.  William H., the first-born, resides on the Abel ranch in Nevada, near Winnemucca.  The daughter Miss. H. Gertrude, lives at Milpitas.  Arthur F. Abel is on the same stock-farm with his brother William.  Henry Abel was an active member of the school board in Milpitas, and in that capacity served his fellow citizens faithfully.

George E. Abel attended the public schools in Milpitas, and then pursued a general course at the Santa Clara College, spending about fifteen years, in the meantime, with his father in the butcher business, and then following his father to the ranch.  Henry Abel passed away on January 29, 1917, four years(transcribers note- maybe meant four months?)  after the death, on September 29, of his devoted wife, and since his death, George Abel has been managing the milpitas portion of the Abel estate.  The 500 acres are devoted to grain, hay, vegetables, and fruit, thirty-five acres being in pears, and the ranch is irrigated by artesian wells.

While at Winnemucca, Nev., George Abel was married to Miss May Staunton, the ceremony taking place on September 29, 1914.  The bride was the daughter of Michael and Jennie (Melarkey), her father was one of Nevada's earliest pioneers who mined for years throughout California and Nevada, and later became a merchant in the Sage Brush State.  They had four children, Michael D.; Edward W; May and another daughter, Josephine, who became Mrs. T. P. Keating, of San Francisco.  Mrs. Abel attended the public schools at Winnemucca, and later the Alameda high school, and finished her studies at Mills College, in Oakland.  Two children have blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Abel, George Staunton and Margaret.  The family attend the Roman Catholic Church at Milpitas, and in that town recently Mr. and Mrs. Abel built their attractive home.  In national politics a Republican , he is a member of Knights of Columbus of San Jose, and a charter member of the lodge.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1102
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