San Jose , California
Founded by
 Clara A Geer

SURNAMES:  Davison, Sobey, Geer

The County of Santa Clara is liberally endowed with institutions calculated to relive suffering humanity, and one which is filling a long-felt want is the Interurban Sanitarium, owed an conducted by Mr. and Mr. E. J. Sobey.  This institution was founded by the mother of Mrs. Sobey, Mrs. Clara A. Geer, who is a graduate nurse, and she conducted it until August, 1920, when she turned it over to her daughter and son-in-law. It is exclusively for the care of old people and convalescents, and no contagious or infections diseases are accepted.  The institution can now accommodate fifteen people and since Mr. and Mrs. Sobey assumed charge they are planning on enlarging it so as to take care of more people.  This sanitarium is located on the Meridian Road; and as Mrs. Sobey is a graduate nurse, the old people that are so fortunate as to be at the home  are will cared for.  It is beautifully located at Fairfield Station on the Peninsular Railroad, and scenery and country air, with the excellent care that Mrs. Sobey and a corps of helpers give the patients, they are nursed back to health and vigor.  An situation of this nature is a great factor in the progress and prosperity of the county, for the general good health of its inhabitants is the best advertisement that a locality can have, and thousands have experienced the beneficent effects of the climate of the famous Santa Clara Valley.

CLARA A. GEER  A very interesting and estimable woman is Mrs. Clara A. Geer, who was in maidenhood Clara A. Davison, a native of Fort Atkinson, Iowa, but was reared and educated at new Hampton, Iowa, and there she married C. F. Geer and came to Santa Clara County, Cal. , in 1897.  Her father , L. B. Davison, was a New Yorker, who removed to Iowa, where he engaged in farming, and there he married Miss Ester Annabel, also a native of New york, and though he had one child, their daughter Clara, when the Civil War came, he responded to his country's call and enlisted in the Thirty-eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, serving three years, and was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant.  He migrated to Santa Clara County about thirty years ago and purchased the farm on Meridian Road that Mrs. Geer and Mrs. Sobey now own.  He passed away in August, 1918.  His widow survives him and resides in San Jose.  Mrs. Geer was a graduate nurse, as is her daughter, Mrs. Ester Sobey. They saw the possibilities of establishing an old people's home and purchased the home ranch of Grandfather Davison, with its commodious residence, which they remodeled and opened as the Interurban Sanitarium.  This they  conducted together until Mrs. Geer, wishing to retire, turned the entire management over to her daughter, Mrs. Sobey. Mrs. Ester Geer Sobey was born in New Hampton, Iowa, and coming to California with her parents, she completed her education at Pacific Union College at Healdsburg, where she was graduated in 1908f with the degree of A. B.   After teaching for two years, as she was also a graduate nurse, she took up the profession of nursing.  Thus years of experience qualify her well for the important position as head of the Interurban Sanitarium . She was married in San Jose in 114 to Edward J. Sobey, who was born in London, England.  Coming to Califonria, he engaged in ranching until his marriage , and now give his attention to looking after the management of the orchards and farm on Meridian Road, as well as their ranch at Morgan Hill.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County, California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922.  page 1563