An experienced pear grower, whose pronounced success has proved a helpful stimulation to like endeavor by fellow ranchers, is George J. Fiehmann, a native son happy in his association with the Golden State, having been born at Tracy, in San Joaquin County. On December 20, 1881, he entered the family of August Fiehmann who came from Germany, his native land, when he was a lad of sixteen years, and in time settled in San Joaquin County, Cal. He married Miss Caroline Schulte, reared a family of seven children, George being the eldest, and acquired some 640 acres of land, which he farmed.

George attended school in the Lammerville school district, in San Joaquin County, and when twenty years of age started to make his own way in the world. He worked for wages on ranches near Tracy, for a number of years, and removing to Santa Clara County in 1910, he continued to work out as a farm hand. Now he lives upon a ranch owned by his mother, the old Schulte ranch set out with pear trees by his grandfather, Bernard Schulte, a pioneer of the valley. This fine farm he leases from his mother, who lives in Sunnyvale; she was born in Minnesota and came to California with her parents when a girl. August Fiehmann died in 1907 on his ranch at Tracy. George employs two men all the year around, and during the rush season keeps about twelve men busy. The home ranch comprises twenty-acres devoted to the cultivation of Bartlett and shipping pears; Mr. Fiehmann, through his careful cultivation and care of his orchards, has made a decided success, so much so, that a short time ago he purchased a ranch of six and one-half acres adjacent to the Southern Pacific Railway, also a valuable pear orchard, from which much may be expected under his skillful management. He is a member of California Pear Growers' Association and fraternally is a member of the Woodmen of the World.

At Sunnyvale on February 26, 1910, Mr. Fiehmann was married to Miss Lola Lang, a native of Cottage Grove Ore., and the daughter of George and Lena (Kerr) Lang. Her father was a rancher, and she attended school at Cottage Grove and St. Mary's Convent at The Dalles Ore. One child has blessed the fortunate union--a daughter, Emma. A Republican in matter of national import, Mr. Fiehmann with his wife are loyal and active members of the Methodist Church of Sunnyvale, and both as citizens and church members endeavor to favor uplift work.

Transcribed by Joseph Kral, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922, page 1307


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