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Hans P Hansen has the distinction of being one of the oldest business men in the Palo Alto area, both in age and in length of service.  Although well beyond the allotted three score years and ten, he is still active in the plumbing firm which he established thirty years ago and in which he now has a partner, his son , Howard E.

Born in Denmark, on the 15th of November, 1869, he is a son of Peter and Elsie Marie Hansen.  HE went ot school in his native country until he was fourteen years old and then at this tender age he got his first job with a firm as an errand boy and after a short while he went to Germany where he worked in a dairy, but soon returned to Denmark where he continued daily work.

Having heard of the opportunities in American, he decided to come to this country and on Christmas Eve, 1889, he arrived in San Francisco and the next day came to Menlo Park.  For a year later he learned the plumbing trade in the shop of the late J. P. Ahlert.   After working there for a time he subsequently took employment in other plumbing jobs in Northern California and finally worked for Louis Dahl in Palo ALto.  In 1921 he established his own business.

During the course of the years, the Hansen establishment has carried on an immense amount of work in Palo Alto and surrounding areas including Los Altos, Mountain View, and Menlo Park.  The plant is a large one, occupying two structures; one, 40 x 100, with two stories, and a recent addition  50 x 100, where all of the firm's fabricating is done.  From six to seven people are employed by the firm and all types of plumbing and heating work are conducted.  Literally hundreds of Palo Alto and nearby residents have had their plumbing and heating installed by the Hansen firm, and numerous important buildings such as the Palo Alto Clinic, Stanford Stadium, fraternity houses and commercial structures have employed the services of the Hansen organization in the installation of plumbing and heating.

It is interesting to note that prior to the establishment of his own firm, Mr. Hansen was foreman to Fred Snook of San Francisco in the installation of the plumbing on the original unit of the present Palo Alto High School.

Prominently identified with a number of organizations, Mr. Hansen is a charter member of the local Kiwanis Club, a member of the Palo Alto Elk's Lodge and belongs to the Master Plumbers' Assocation.  For nearly twenty years he played the cornet in the old Palo Alto bank which was a noted orgaization of its day.

Mr. Hansen was married to Miss Selma Ingverson, who is deceased.  Three children were born to this union: Howard E., his partner, Walter E., who is also conneted with the Hansen firm, and Elsie Marie, now the wife of M. T. Bishop , a merchant of Wellington, Nevada.

During the many years of his residence in this locality, Mr. Hansen has seen many changes. When he arrived in Meno Park in 1889, the population of Palo Alto was only a few thousand and business lots wer selling on University Avenue for $300.00 and good residential lots were obtainable for $200.00 or less.

page 278, Palo Alto Community Book, published by Guy C Miller- 1952
transcribed by Cferoben


Bio- Palo Alto Community Book

Howard E Hansen, son of Hans P and Selma Ingverson Hansen, is a native son of Palo Alto.  Born here on October 6, 1904, he attended elementary school in this community and then entered high school.  While still in high school he worked part time with his father in the plumbing trade and upon graduation in 1923 he became a full time employee and ultimately his father made him a partner in the business, and the success with the firm has long enjoyed has been due, in no small measure to Mr. Hansen's participation in the business.  He is one of the new native born citizens of this age to have spent his entire life in this city.

Mr. Hansen is a member of the Elk's Lodge.

He married Miss Ellen Shaw and they have two sons; Howard E., Jr., and Allen P. Hansen.

page 279, Palo Alto Community Book, published by Guy C Miller, 1952

transcribed by Cferoben