Grand View Vineyard

Bio-Pen Pictures
Surnames: WERD, HOEHL,

Henry Farr was born in the township of Gellhausen, town of Spielberg, Germany, June 10, 1829, his parents being Wilhelm and Catherin (Werd) Farr, who died in Germany, the former in 1852, and the latter in 1868.  They reared a family of eight children, of whom five are now living, and, with the exception of one, are in the United States.  Henry was reared and educated in his native town, devoting a part of his time to work on his father’s farm near the town of Spielberg.

            At the age of eighteen years he sailed from Bremerhaven for the United States, and landed at Baltimore.  The next day he left for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and there bound himself out for two years to learn the cooper’s trade.  He served the full time of his apprenticeship, and remained to work at his trade for two or three years.  He then spent some time in traveling around from one place to another, along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, going as far south as New Orleans, and as far north as Quincy, Illinois.  In 1854 he went by steamer from Evansville, Indiana, down the river to New Orleans, where he took a steamer for the Isthmus of Panama.  He crossed the Isthmus and embarked for San Francisco, where he landed in January, 1855.  He made the trip up the Sacramento River to the mines near Georgetown, arriving there in the winter.  The weather being cold, and his health poor, Mr. Farr remained but a short time, when he returned to Sacramento.  Here he stopped a few days, and then went to Colusa County, where he engaged in chopping wood and getting out rails.  After being there about a year and a half, he, together with a friend named Myers, bought a piece of land, and engaged in farming and stock-raising.  Here he remained for thirteen years, during which time he returned East to Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, and was married, in 1860, to Anna Mary Hoehl, a native of Germany, born in Gedern, near Frankfurt, June 10, 1835.  Mrs. Farr came to this country with her parents when she was twelve years old, and lived in Allegheny until she was married.

            After their residence in Colusa County, Mr. Farr and his family went to San Francisco, where they lived about four months, and then came down to San Jose.  About a month later, in 1868, Mr. Farr purchased his present place in the Lincoln School District, which he named “Grand View” vineyard, and which at that time contained 240 acres.  About a year afterward he bought 153 acres more, and later on sold 50 acres, having at the present time 343 acres, of which all but 83 acres is under cultivation.  There are sixty acres in vineyard, all wine grapes, from two to six years old, also a family orchard of about four acres in good bearing condition.  The balance of the place is in grain and hay.  Mr. and Mrs. Farr have nine children:  Henry, Louis, Edwin, Arthur, Mary, Rudolph, Oscar, Addie, and Emma, all of whom are residing at home, with the exception of Louis.  The first four were born in Colusa County, Mary was born in San Francisco, and the others in this county.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H. S. Foote.- Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.
Pg. 318
Transcribed by Kathy Sedler
Proofread by Betty Vickroy