The Valley of Heart's Delight


BIO Pen-Pictures, page 246

HENRY L. SCHEMMEL, emporium of music, pianos, and musical merchandise, wholesale and retail, Nos. 72 to 78 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, is the agent for Santa Clara County and adjoining counties south, for the Steinway, Steck, Gabler and Vose pianos. He also deals in sheet-music, and all the special makes of brass and stringed instruments.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1848, he went through the various preparatory schools; he attended the gymnasium and the university. During all these years he had devoted considerable time to the study and practice of music. His tastes, indeed, led him to adopt music as a profession, but in this he was opposed by his father, who wished him to pursue a business career. About this time, complication arose relative to his entering upon his term of usually required military service. Not satisfied with the outlook, and being favorable disposed to the political ideas dominating our American government, he decided to come to the United States. Arriving in New York in 1870, he proceeded at once across the continent to San Francisco, where he devoted himself to a musical career, meeting with a satisfactory degree of success. The climate not agreeing with him at the bay, he removed to San Jose, where he taught music for fourteen years. In 1885 Mr. Schemmel opened the musical establishment now owned and conducted by him, investing carefully at first and to but a limited extent, but after feeling the pulse of the trade he extended his operations, enlarging the store he then occupied, adding the store adjoining for his pianos, extending in the rear for what is now his manufacturing, repair, and polishing rooms. In business he has been very successful, having been united with valuable piano agencies since opening, the confidence developed by so many years of teaching music and contact with people of musical taste contributing largely to this result.

Mr. Schemmel was married in 1875 to Miss Mathilde Pfister, daughter of A. Pfister, one of our earliest pioneer merchants and most respected citizens. They have three children, Louisa, Adolph, and Frank.

Mr. Schemmel is a man naturally independent in his political ideas and affiliations.

SOURCE:  Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S.
Foote.- Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.- Page 246-247  transcribed by Carol Lackey


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