HUBERT  O. F. MENTON Pioneer Dentist of Santa Clara County
son of Hugh D. Menton, of the Alum Rock Ranch


Prominent among the most progressive dentists of Northern California and interesting as the worthy representation of one of the oldest and finest families in Santa Clara county must be rated Dr. Hubert O. F. Menton of Santa Clara.  He was born in San Luis Obispo County, the son of the late Hugh D. Menton, a pioneer of Santa Clara who came to San Francisco in the latter part of 1849, and the next year moved to Santa Clara. 

He was born in Manchester, England., the son of Hugh and Hannah Menton, natives of Birr, Kings County, Ireland, who married in Ireland, then traveled for a year or two, and finally went to Australia.  Then they returned to England.  Grandfather Menton settled at Santa Clara  in the spring of 1850 and he became a large landowner north of Santa Clara.

Hugh D. Menton grew up to manhood in the Santa Clara Valley, and he was one of the first pupils of the Santa Clara College.  In Santa Clara he was married to Miss Annie T. Murphy, who was born at Burlington, Iowa, and came here a young lady, about 1870.  He later moved to San Luis Obispo, and while there in the early '70's, Hubert was born.  Mr. Menton went heavily into the cattle business in San Luis Obispo County, but the great drought of 1877 was so disastrous to him that he lost heavily, and having returned to Santa Clara County, he ran the Alum Rock Ranch, which still bears the name he gave it.  These ups and down of the pioneer who so generously contributed in every way to advance the permanent and better development of the new country with which he had cast his lot assume a new attraction for the for the reader when he understands that our subject's ancestors came originally France and fought under William the conqueror.

 Dr. Menton pursued a classical course at Santa Clara College, and graduated with the class of '92; and having matriculated in the College of Dentistry in San Francisco in the fall of 1895.  He was graduated from the University of California three years later, and before he was twenth-one years of age, with the degree of D.D.S..  He then opened an office in his home town, where he has ever since had a live practice.  Both professionally and socially he is ever alert to exert the best and most lasting influence for the upbuilding of the city and its environs.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 596