No history of San Jose and the surrounding country would be complete without reference to Henry W. Coe, who was born on Coe Avenue in The Willows on April 17, 1860. His father, Henry Willard Coe, and mother, Hannah Huntington (Smith) Coe, were representative of families who helped shape the destinies of America and they became pioneer residents of the Santa Clara Valley, where during their lifetime, they contributed not a little to the progress of the community. Elsewhere in this volume will be found a sketch of their eventful lives.

Henry W. Coe was reared and educated in San Jose, having attended the grammar and high schools of that city, later graduating from the Pacific Business College of San Francisco. His father having acquired 500 acres of land, part of the Los Huecos grant in the San Felipe Valley, Henry W., together with his brother, Charles W., engaged in the stockraising business, running 1,000 head on the property. In time Henry W. bought out his brother and added to his holdings until, at the present time, he owns upwards of 8,000 acres in Santa Clara County. One of his favorite ranches is located in the Pine Ridge Country east of Morgan Hill, an ideal location. While Mr. Coe has to some extent discontinued his stockraising business, he still retains his land holdings and on his home ranch ranges some 200 head; also raises fruit.

On August 21, 1905, Mr. Coe was married to Rhoda Dawson Sutcliffe and they have become the parents of two children: Henry Sutcliffe Coe attending the San Jose high school, and Sada Sutcliffe Coe, a pupil at the Lowell School, San Jose. Mrs. Coe, who shares with her husband the good will of all who know them, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, February 10, 1879, and is the daughter of Rev. Ingham Sutcliffe, born in the year of 1804 at Cowling, near Bradford, Yorkshire, England. During the year of 1832, he became a Wesleyan missionary to Nova Scotia, where he was energetic and active in the mission work and where he died in 1885. On account of the migration of this branch of the Sutcliffe family in the early days, Mrs. Coe has known but little of her English forbears, but that they were people of standing and education is evidenced in the traits of character exhibited by their descendants on this side of the Atlantic.

Mr. Coe is a member of the Pioneer's Society of Santa Clara County and takes great pride in the pioneer work accomplished by his father and is always ready to aid in all progressive movements. He is always genial, whether in the casual meeting on the street or within the portals of his home. His home life is ideal. He spends nearly all of his time on the ranch though maintains a residence in San Jose that his children may have the advantages of the city schools. Mr. Coe is held in high esteem by all who know him and is a genial and companionable man whose sterling worth has gained for him warm friendships.

Transcribed by Joseph Kral, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. pge 396