The Valley of Heart's Delight


A man of much native ability and business acumen, who is a practical orchardist, having contributed much toward the present high and flourishing development of horticulture in Santa Clara County, is Irwin E. Pomeroy, one of the original organizers of the California Prune and Apricot Association, a trustee, from the beginning, and now chairman of the board of trustees. He is a native son--a fact which makes his subsequent relation to California all the more interesting; and he was born in this county on the fifteenth of December, 1870. His father was Marshall Pomeroy, whose life story is found on another page of this volume.

Irwin E. passed through the various grades of the public schools, and then in order the better to equip himself for the necessary tussle with the world, he took a busines cours for which the College of the Pacific was famous. After graduating from the commercial department in 1889, he assumed charge of the Pomeroy orchard, and he is still the effiecient manager. In 1899 the members of the Pomeroy family incorporated the Pomeroy Orchard Company, of which the pioneer, Marshall Pomeroy, was the founder and is still president, while Irwin E.has been its manager and treasurer.

 The company has 120 acres of vaious sorts of fruit trees, and so well has he developed this extensive area that it is today one of the choicest ranch properties of its kind in the county. Believing cooperation is the only successful means of making a success of marketing the fruit raised by the farmers, Mr. Pomeroy has been active in the various cooperative organizations in the county and was one of the organizers of the present California Prune and Apricot Association, in which he has taken an active part in assisting in guiding its destinies to the present successful issue. A member of the board of trustees from the beginning, his servieces have been recognized by his being elected chairman of the board of trustees and a member of the executive committee. He was a director and vice-president of the old Santa Clara Valley Bank until it was purchased by the Bank of Italy, and is now vice-chairman of its local board of directors. He is treasurer of the Knowles Pottery Company, a new industry just built in Santa Clara for the manufacture of fine china and porcelain ware.

When Mr. Pomeroy married at Santa Clara, on May 8, 1900, he took for his wife Miss Florence Mabel Dawson, a native of San Jose and a member of a pioneer family, among the very first canners of fruit in Santa Clara County. She is a graduate of the San Jose State Normal School. Four children have blessed the happy union; Marshall B., Irwin Edgar, Jr., Clara Belle, and Thomas Dawson. The family attends the Episcopal Church, and Mr. Pomeroy belongs to the Lions Club, the Automobile Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and is a charter member of the Commercial club; he is also a hearty supporter of the Republican party, although he does not allow his partisanship to interfere with his endorsement and aid of the best obtainable, under whatever banner, for the community in which he lives and thrives.

Transcribed by Marie Clayton, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 564


SANTA CLARA COUNTY HISTORY-The Valley of Heart's Delight