Orange Orchard, Sorosis Fruit Farm, circa 1895-1905
Andrew P Hill





One of the most valuable and highly productive orchards in the Santa Clara Valley is that operated by Joseph A. Teresi, located on Saratoga Avenue. Known as the Sorosis Fruit Company, besides the extensive orchards a large packing plant is located on the ranch, which takes care of the products of the orchards. Joseph A. was born in Sicily, February 23, 1899, the son of Salvatore and Marianna (La Barbera) Teresi. also natives of Sicily. The family removed to the United States in 1903. His father was engaged in the horticulture business in his native country, and he had seven boys, who were all thoroughly taught the orchard business; three of them are now at home.

Joseph A. was educated in the grammar and high schools of San Jose, graduating from the latter in 1919, after which he was employed as solicitor for the California Prune and Apricot Growers' Association for one year; then he purchased a thirty-eight-acre orchard on the Uvas Road, which he still owns. In July, 1921, with his father and three brothers, he purchased the Sorosis Farm, consisting of 220 acres, including the large packing plant on the place. The place is in full-bearing orchards, 190 acres being in prunes and the balance in peaches. In connection they own the Sorosis water rights from Quito or Campbell Creek. They have a large dam where the creek enters the farm, which impounds sufficient water to irrigate not only the Sorosis Farm, but also a large tract below the dam, making a very valuable water right. The headquarters of the ranch is improved with good buildings, large drying yard with a large evaporator and a plant equipped with packing facilities.

The marriage of Joseph A. Teresi occurred in Los Gatos and united him with Miss Clara Lencioni, born in San Jose. In politics Mr. Teresi is a Republican and is a stalwart American citizen, proud of the prosperity and progressiveness of Santa Clara County.
From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1480





ANTONIO TERESI.— It is interesting to note the success of one of Santa Clara County's ambitious 
young men, Antonio Teresi, who has become a successful orchardist and an enterprising realtor. 
A native of Sicily, he was born at Palermo. August 12, 1896, but he has been a resident of California 
since he was a child, so he has very little recollection of any other home than the sunny skies of the Golden 
State. His parents were Salvadore and Mary (La- barba) Teresi, who came to the United States about 
1902, settling at San Jose, and the father is now the owner of the Sorosis Fruit Ranch at Saratoga. 

The fifth in a family of nine children, all living, Antonia Teresi was educated in the public schools of 
San Jose, and supplemented this with a course at . Heald's Business College, where he was graduated in 
1914. and following this he spent the next ten years in various lines of work, principally as an orchardist. 
As soon as he had the means he bought an orchard at Berryessa. which he sold in 1919 at a good profit, 
and immediately purchased an orchard on Prospect Road, which he disposed of successfully fourteen 
months later. His next purchase was a beautiful ten-acre orchard on the Santa Clara-Los Gatos Road, where he

and his wife now make their home. Already he has made many improvements on the place, 
particularly in beautifying the grounds, and his prospects are bright for an increased yield and income 
from year to year from his orchard, which is considered one of the prettiest in this section of the 
valley. For the past three years Mr. Teresi has been engaged in the realty business in San Jose with 
Paul L Cavala, having offices on East Santa Clara Street and handling all kinds of property. 

At San Francisco, on July 1, 1920, Mr. Teresi was married to Miss Katherine Elizabeth Semas, a native 
of Salinas, Cal., and the daughter of Antonio and Agnes Semas. Her father passed away on April 6, 
1907, and the mother now makes her home on Williams Road, Santa Clara County. Mrs. Teresi was 
educated in the public schools and in Notre Dame Business College at Salinas. While numbered among 
the younger orchardists of the district, Mr. Teresi is already counted among the successful horticul- 
turists, a recognition he well deserves. Politically he casts his vote for the Republican party. 

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. 


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