JAMES CASTILLOU.—Among the worthy pio­neers whose useful lives are pleasantly recalled by all who were fortunate to know and profit from them, was the late James Castillou, a prominent citi­zen of the Morgan Hill section. He was born in Basses-Pyrenees, near Iloron on October 25, 1852 and attended school in his native province. Early in 1869 he came to America and located first in San Francisco; he then went to what is now San Benito County and was foreman of a large ranch when only eighteen years old, but later removed to Santa Clara County. In 1884 he settled on the Catherine Dunne ranch near Morgan Hill and the first year worked as a wood cutter; the second year he farmed and the third year he leased a portion of the ranch on the east of Morgan Hill consisting of 3,600 acres and farmed extensively to grain and stock; at one time owning 1,000 head of Angora goats.

The marriage of James Castillou occurred on Sep­tember 4, 1886, and united him with Miss Anna Bor­denave, also a native of Oloron, Basses Pyrenees, who was born October 12, 1866. Her parents, Jean and Mary (Barillies) Bordenave were both natives of Oloron. Miss Bordenave came to America in 1884 with a sister, now Mrs. Clavere, who resides at Gilroy, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Castillou are the parents of one daughter, Jennie. now the wife of M. Batcabe and they reside with Mrs. Castillou. Mrs. Batcabe was a graduate with the first class of the Live Oak Union high school. For many years Mr. Castillou was a successful rancher and dairyman and in 1909 purchased 105 acres on Tennant Avenue, where he erected a fine residence and where Mrs. Castillou still resides. Forty acres of his ranch were sold to Charles Kellogg, the naturalist, and he and Mr. Cas­tillou became boon companions. The last three years of his life were spent in retirement on account of his failing health. Mr. Castillou received his United States citizenship in Hollister and was the ninth person to receive citizenship in San Benito County. Besides being a successful rancher, he was active in financial matters, holding stock in the Bank of Italy at Gilroy and at one time was a stockholder and director in the Morgan Hill Bank.

After a useful, well-spent life, Mr. Castillou passed away at the family home September 28, 1920, leaving many friends to mourn his loss. He was highly esteemed by all who knew him for his genuineness of character and high ideals of citizenship.

from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page  1459