Jeremiah D. Casey
Rancher, Santa Clara County

Jeremiah D. Casey--An early settler of Santa Clara County where he lives retired from active business, Jeremiah D. Casey, more familiarly known as "Jerry", was born in County Roscommon, Ireland, December 28, 1834. Mr. Casey's ancestors belonged to an early English family, who were people of sterling integrity and on account of which, they were entrusted and put in charge of the extensive estates belonging to the Crown of England.

At the age of nineteen, Mr. Casey left the paternal roof, and embarking for America, landed in New York in 1853. His first work was that of farm laborer. Not being content with this line of work, he removed to Brooklyn, New York, where he was employed by a dairy company for a number of years. With the characteristic industry and thrift of his forbears, he had accumulated sufficient money to take him to California and in 1863 he arrived in San Francisco, where he stopped for a short time and worked in a dairy near the city.

In 1865 he came down to Santa Clara County and this has been his home ever since. Purchasing sixteen cows for $1600, he delivered milk to the residents of Almaden Hill. The first piece of property he bought was seven acres for $500 from John McDonald. To this he added in 1871, a tract of  69 acres from Mrs. Dunn, for which he paid $6,000, making 176 acres in all. With his younger brother, John Casey, as a working partner, about 1874, he bought 770 acres near the Almaden mines and this was devoted to the raising of stock and a dairy by the brothers until their partnership was dissolved, when John took over the stock and the hill ranch as his portion, Jerry keeping the 176 acres. John sold out later to Steve Cannon and in 1885 he died, unmarried. It was about 1876 that our subject negotiated for the Elwood ranch of 120 acres and this gave him 296 acres of good land and it has been known as the Casey Ranch ever since and was operated by Mr. Casey with good success until he retired in 1910, when he leased the property and came to reside in San Jose. He made a specialty of raising horses and cattle, and through his close attention to business he was able to retire with a competency.

On August 15, 1877, Mr. Casey married Miss Susan Gallagher, of Massachusetts, who was also an early settler of California, having removed from there in the year of 1866. Mr. and Mrs. Casey reside at 376 Park Avenue, San Jose, where they are satisfied to spend their remaining days. In religious views the accepted faith  of the family is that of the Catholic Church and they are ardent supporters of its teachings. Mr. Casey is respected and honored throughout the community in which he resides and has been counted among the public spirited citizens of the county where he is now one of its oldest residents.

Transcribed by Marie Clayton, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 472