Pacific Fruit Product Company
San Jose
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A wide-awake, efficient business man of the type which always makes itself manifest in a progressive community, is J. Edwin Blaurock, the popular manager of the Pacific Fruit Product Company at San Jose. He was born in East Orange, N. J., on May 6, 1873, the son of Samuel and Hattie (Sommerville) Blaurock, worthy citizens, devoted parents and good neighbors, ith a host of friends.

After leaving school Mr. Blaurock worked with his father in the plumbing business in East Orange but tiring of that he went to New York City and was employed as salesman and in other capacities until going to Colorado in 1897. He worked in the mining business, at plumbing and as salesman there,—then in 1904 went back to Chicago and was in business for himself until coming to California in 1909.

Mr. Blaurock spent two years in Sacramento and San Francisco,—in the former city with the John Bruner Company, and in the latter with the Coast Fire and Marine Salvage Company. On September 26, 1911, he came to San Jose. and he has been with the Pacific Fruit Product Company ever since, starting at the very bottom and working his way through the different departments until, since July, 1916, he has discharged the varied responsibilities of his present position.

In the busy season, the Pacific Fruit Product Company employs some seventy-five people, and they pack dried fruit under contract for the California Prune & Apricot Association. They also maintain a jam department, and put up jam of a very high quality, and they formerly packed cherries and other green fruit, selecting only, the best raw materials, and preserving them in the most scientific manner. Mr. Blaurock's thorough training, partly in the common schools of the East, partly in a business college, and partly in the great school of experience, has enabled him to manage this growing business concern with the true spirit of enterprise. In national politics a Republican, he is ready at all times to cast aside partisanship and to pull a long and strong stroke in favor of the best things locally.

In 1900, Mr. Blaurock was united in marriage at Cripple Creek, Colo., to Minnie E. Largent, a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they have a daughter Edna May.

Mr. Blaurock is fond of all outdoor recreations; and fraternally he joins his fellows in the circles of the Brotherhood of American Yeomen and the Woodmen of the World, and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. 

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1133


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