Surnames: DIBLASIO

  Recognized for generations as a profession of prime importance to the health of every community, the apothecary and the druggist have enjoyed an exalted status and received a large measure of honor. Joseph Francalanzo, one of the successful pharmacists of San Jose, Cal., was born in the Province of Foggia, Italy, March 14, 1894, and was the son of Generoso and Vincenza (Diblasio) Francalanzo, who came to America in 1896 when Joseph was but a small child. He received his early education in the parochial and public schools in San Jose, Cal., whither he came with his parents from Providence, R.I., in 1908.

Ever ambitious, he secured a position as delivery boy for the Wagner Drug Store, and in 1913 began working for the Fischer and Pellerano Drug Store, and it was then and there that he resolved to become a pharmacist. With this end in view he gained valuable practical experience, and in 1918 became a licentiate pharmacist, having satisfactorily passed all required examinations. He came to his present position with the Patterson Pharmacy in September, 1920, which was then located at 207 South First Street; but in September of 1921 removed to its present location, 251 South First Street, near the Hippodrome Theater. The Patterson Pharmacy carries a large and up-to-date stock and has one of the largest and most complete prescription cases of any drugstore in Santa Clara County. The Patterson drugstore has been a familiar place and a well-stocked pharmacy for several years, but is doing even a greater volume of business at the present time. Mr. Francalanzo's thorough knowledge of the business, and his personal acquaintance with most of his customers, and above all his courteous and pleasing personality, has contributed largely to its success.

Transcribed by Joseph Kral, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1407