Paint/Wallpaper Business

Among San Jose's live wires is John M. Zollars, who is now engaged in the business of paints and contractor for paperhanging, painting, etc., his place of business being located at 52 South Second Street, where he carries on a large volume of business. Mr. Zollars was born at Mt. Orab, Ohio, on September 29, 1857, and is the son of Charles and Caroline (McMillan) Zollars; the father is a native of Germany, while the mother was born in Pennsylvania. John M. Zollars received his education in the public schools of Ohio, and at the early age of twelve years he was thrown on his own resources, so he began working at odd jobs and then learned the general carriage trade and later the blacksmith trade. In 1876 he entered the employ of Hall and Locke at Cincinnati, Ohio, remaining there until 1885, when he removed with his family to the Pacific Coast, locating at San Jose, Cal., and here he invested in real estate in the Hyde Park Tract. As it advanced a great deal in value, he disposed of this property to a good advantage and in 1892 established a carriage and wagon business, locating at Third and East San Fernando streets. Disposing of this in 1906, he engaged in the paint business and as a contractor for paperhanging. He built up a very profitable business and continued at 30 West Julian Street until 1918, when the plant where the paint was manufactured was destroyed by fire. He then located at 37 South Second Street, and in 1921 came to the present location, where he has been even more successful. He is now building his own plant and will be able to move into it before long. Mr. Zollars is also the owner of a forty-acre orchard at Livingston, Merced County, Cal., which is also proving a profitable investment, in producing the finest fruits.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1605


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