Dr. Joseph Underwood Hall
Bio-Pen Pictures

DR. JOSEPH UNDERWOOD HALL, one of the leading physicians of San Jose, and since the early '50's a practicing physician in California and Nevada, has his residence on North Third Street, and his office in the Beach Building, corner of East Santa Clara and Second Streets, occupying the same conjointly with Dr. W. S. Thorne, with whom he is associated in the practice of medicine. The subject of this sketch was born on December 8, 1822, at Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. His grandfather, Judge John Hall, emigrated from Pennsylvania, and was the first pioneer that entered the wilderness of Barren County, then Warren County. His father, Michael W. Hall, was one of the judges of the quarter sessions court of Barren County for some years, having succeeded his father, and also represented his county in the Kentucky Legislature several terms. Dr. Hall received his literary education at Glasgow, and studied medicine under the preceptorship continuing his medical studies at Louisville, taking his first course of lectures there, at the Jefferson Medical College. The excitement following the discovery of gold drew him to California, where he arrived in 1852. He settled then at Orleans Flat, engaging in the practice of medicine, and becoming at the same time interested in mining and ditch speculations.

 He was President of the Eureka Canal Company, subsequently consolidated with the Miners' Ditch, until 1858, during which year he returned to Kentucky, going thence to Philadelphia, where he completed his medical course at the Jefferson Medical College, graduating at that institution in 1859. He then returned to Kentucky and spent one year with his relatives and friends in that State. During the war he was in charge of the Post Hospital at Lexington for two years, there having an extensive surgical experience. In 1862 he returned to the Pacific Coast, locating on the Comstock Lode, where are to be found the most extensive silver mines of the world. Here also was a large field for surgical work, owing to the great nmber of accidents of daily occurrence in the mines.

In 1865 he returned to Glasgow, Kentucky, where he was united in marriage to Miss Kate B. White, whose parents, Thomas J. and Sarah (Frances) White, were also natives of Kentucky, their ancestors having remoed thither at an early date. Upon his return from Kentucky to the Pacific Coast, he was appointed Surgeon-General of the State of Nevada by Governor Blaisdel, serving eight years under his administration, and was re-appointed by Governor Bradley, serving four years.

The children of Dr. Hall are nine, namely: Leon M., now pursuing a course in mechanics at the State University at Berkelye; Joseph U., at present attending Cooper Medical College in San Franciscl; Graily H., Pearl W., Kate B., Beatric, Grace A. E. Mercedes, and Hal V., the latter six occupying the paternal home and attending school at San Jose.

SOURCE:  Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote.- Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888.Transcribed by Carol Lackey- page 261


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