The Valley of Heart's Delight

Merchant, San Jose


An aggessive, progressive young man who is fast rising in the business world and enjoying the fruits of intelligent industry and a well-merited popularity, is Karl R. Fredericks, among the proudest of American citizens from the fact that he has just received his citizenship papers. He was born in the ancient city of Augsburg, in the province of Schwaben-Neuburg, in Bavaria, on July 27, 1890, the son of Ferinand Fredericks, an artist and an interior decorator, who was much in demand for churches, public auditoriums and large buildings; he died when only forty years old. He had married Miss Margaret Kurgess, and she is still living in Vienna.

Karl went to the primary schools and the gymnasium at Augsburg, and when fourteen years old started to make his way in the world. In 1906 he went to South America and worked in a broker's office, putting in a year at Santos and a year at Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in 1908 he came to California. He stopped only a short while in San Francisco, and soon came inland to San Jose; and for three years he worked for the Flickinger Fruit Canning Company. He then took a post in the Star Grocery, and in the six years he was with that line of mercantile trade, he mastered the business. He next joined Messrs. Richmond & Chase, with whom he remained for two years; and after that he worked for a year at Cook's Oil Station at the corner of Sixth and Santa Clara streets. By this time Mr. Fredericks had saved enough to go into business for himself, and he bought out Mrs. Lingua's store on Terraine Street, and conducted a grocery store and soda fountain, and sold school supplies. His anticipation of the wants of his customers as well as his untiring efforts to please, have brought him many patrons.

As San Jose on October 18, 1915, Mr. Fredericks was married to Miss Angela Lavagnino, a native of San Jose and the daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Rieger) Lavagnino, who came to California in 1876 when she was twenty-two years old. Joseph Lavagnino who is still living here at the age of sixty-five, hailed from Genoa, Italy, although his wife came from Bavaria. Angela attended the grammar and high school of Notre Dame, and she also studied music and graduated in that subject in 1914. She has two children; Karl J. and Margaret A., a joy in particular to Grandfather Lavagnino, who is now one of the old-time residents of San Jose and who by industry and close application to business acquired a comptetence so that he now lives retired, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

transcribed by Marie Clayton, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922 page 503