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One of the outstanding meat markets of Palo Alto is that owned and operated by L. H. Sonnichsen, who has steadily advanced to the front by hard work and strict attention to business. A native of that part of Germany which has since, the World War, gone back to Denmark, he was born in Schleswig, May 19, 1881. The father passed away when he was one year old, and one year later his mother died. The maternal grandparents took the family of children and brought them up at their home in Denmark. It made a large family, but the children were given the advantages of the German school and learned to speak, write and read the Danish as well as the German language. Upon reaching his teens, L. H. Sonnichsen was apprenticed and learned the butcher's trade in Denmark, and according to the military requirements of the country, he served two years in the German army.

Mr. Sonnichsen was united in marriage with Miss Lorenza C. Hallum, a native of Denmark. The fame of America had penetrated the locality in which Mr. Sonnichsen lived, and sailing from Copenhagen, with two other families, they landed in New York in 1904 and lost no time in leaving for the Golden State and Palo Alto, where a brother, A. Sonnichsen, was already located. Being unable to speak English, Mr. Sonnichsen began working with his brother, building roads, later working on the building of the Catholic seminary. His first work in a meat market in Palo Alto was for George J. Curry in the Elite Market. He worked hard and saved his money until he had a sufficient amount to embark in business for himself and with Mads C. Laundsen started the Palo Alto Market and in 1919 Mr. Sonnichsen purchased the interest of his partner and is now the sole owner. The market is equipped with ice-making and refrigating machinery, excellent fixtures and showcases, is clean and sanitary and attracts the best of Palo Alto trade. A force of six people are required to take care of the business. Recently Mr. Sonnichsen has purchased a store building on University Avenue and this is being remodeled for his business.

The family resides on Newell Road and Mr. and Mrs. Sonnichsen are the parents of four children; Carsten and Jennie, and two deceased. Mr. Sonnichsen is a member of the Foresters and the Fraternal Aid. Coming to Palo Alto seventeen years ago, without a knowledge of the English language, Mr. Sonnichsen has diligently and industriously worked up until he is now well-to-do and is esteemed by all who know him. He is liberal and by his unselfish cooperation has made a valuable contribution to the prosperity of the community.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1447



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