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Louis Schloss is one of the representative real-estate men of the Santa Clara Valley.  He came to San Jose in 1885, and engaged in the boot and shoe trade.  Disposing of his interest in that business to his partner, in February, 1887, he opened a real-estate office over the Bank of Santa Clara in the town of Santa Clara; but, finding the town too small for the business he wanted to do, he removed his office under the St. James Hotel, which he still occupies, and has always used a trade-mark, which is a castle with his name printed across the face of it.  It is very appropriate, and entirely original.  “Castle,” translated in German, is Schloss.  By liberal but judicious advertising, indomitable energy, and honorable dealing with customers, he stepped right to the front, and has done a large and prosperous business as a dealer in all kinds of city and country property, most of his transactions being in the Santa Clara Valley.  For the further enlargement of his business, Mr. Schloss opened a branch office, May 1, 1888, in San Francisco, at 624 Market Street, opposite the Palace Hotel, where the wants of customers for the sale, purchase, or renting of property in all parts of the State are carefully and thoroughly attended to.  Being unacquainted with the real estate business when he started in, Mr. Schloss’ friends had some doubts and misgivings about his success; but by bringing to bear his fine business qualities, and adhering strictly to the principal of not misrepresenting to a customer in any case, even if he missed a sale thereby, he soon won confidence which, with unremitting industry, assured a large volume of business.  As an illustration, the largest sale Mr. Schloss ever made was negotiated and completed before seven o’clock one morning, and the customer left the city on the 7:15 train.

Mr. Schloss was born in Columbus, Indiana, July 7, 1859.  His father, Moses A. Schloss, was a native of Germany, and his mother of Indiana.  After attending school at Hanover College he studied law a year and a half in the office of Colonel Stansiler and Judge N.R. Keyes.  Being offered a partnership with his brother-in-law in a large dry-goods business, in 1879, Mr. Schloss accepted, and continued in it until 1883, when he sold out and became interested in mining in Colorado; but finding it unprofitable, he came on to California and settled in San Jose.

October 24, 1880, the subject of this memoir was married to Miss Rachel Lang, who was born in Richen, near Eppingen, Germany.  They have one child, Reda, six years old.

Pen Pictures From The Garden of the World or Santa Clara County, California, Illustrated. - Edited by H.S. Foote. - Chicago:
The Lewis Publishing Company, 1888. p. 457

Transcribed by Debbie Combs