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 scholarly, painstaking and highly ethical attorney of whom Santa Clara County is naturally proud, is Matthew Francis Mulcahy, the distinguished lawyer of San Jose, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, cn September 19, 1878, the son of Patrick and Margaret McDonald) Mulcahy, a worthy couple who came to the Pacific Coast in the year of his nativity and settled in California. For a while they lived in San Francisco, and then they moved to Santa Clara; and in both places they grew to be esteemed as citizens, neighbors and friends. Mrs. Mulcahy passed away in 1904, and her devoted husband in January, 1920.

Matthew went to the Mission Dolores School and t3 Santa Clara College, and then for six years he was clerk in the district attorney's office. He studied law privately and thoroughly, and in 1916 he was admitted to the bar. In the meantime he had taught school for a year in the Philippines, thereby greatly enlarging his knowledge of human nature; so that when, in 1916, he opened a law office in San Jose, he was successful in his practice and his growing list of patrons from the start. His conscientious devotion to the best interests of everyone entrusting their affairs to him has been rewarded, as it naturally should have been, with more and more law work to do; and his idealistic methods in the handling of even doubtful cases have challenged the admiration of those sitting in judgment on the bench, and won for him the esteem and confidence of both superiors and colleagues. An evidence of this high regard is to be found in Mr. Mulcahy's election as secretary of the Santa Clara County Bar Association in 1920

In national political affairs a Republican, Mr. Mulcahy has never neglected an opportunity, while not seeking political advantage, to help raise civic standards and to increase the spirit of true patriotism. A member of the Roman Catholic Church, he has sought to further any good measure, or support any acknowledged leader in the great work, so necessary in such rapidly-building communities as those of Santa Clara County, of permanent upbuilding.  .

from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922  page 1444

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