Another Portugese-American who has fully justified his wisdom in resolving to bid adieu to the familiar associations of the  Old World and seek his fortune in the New, is Manual J. Allemao, who as born on the Island of Pico, Azores Group Portugal, On September 8, 1856, the son of Antonio Jose and Rosa (Cosacio) Allemao, both natives of the same island.  His father was a prosperous farmer and devout Christian, who  exerted an  enviable influence on account of his exemplary way of living, and this influence extended to the end of his allotted sixty years.  Mrs. Allemao died at he age of forty-five.  Manuel J. is the oldest of their eight children; of the others, Antonio resides on the old home place; Marie was married, came to the United States, and passed away in the East; Violante is married and lives in East; Joseph is a farmer at Clarksburg, Yolo county; Mrs. Rosa Souza lives at Sacramento; Mariana was married and died at the old home; and John is a farmer in their native land.

Manuel was reared on the  old home farm and attended the local day schools, but being the oldest of the family it was necessary for him to assist with the work, hence his school advantages were very limited. When about eighteen years of age, he had a desire to come to California, having heard of the great opportunities that awaited young men of energy who were not afraid to work, so he planned, as soon as he was able, to come hither.  On  October 15, 1888, he reached the United States, and pushing westward, located at San Francisco, where a younger brother had settled some four years before.  Later, he located near Los Banos, where he worked on a  grain ranch for four years; and then he removed to Sacramento, but remained only a short time, when he sold his place and came into the Santa Clara Valley about 1893.  He bought thirty acres and set out an orchard, later selling seven acres and retaining the twenty-three acres located on Senter Road, five miles from San Jose.  Here he built a residence and other buildings and has an orchard of apricots and prunes; and he still owns this fine ranch, which is well equipped for handling the fruit.

Mr. Allemao now resides in a beautiful residence at 906 South Tenth Street, in San Jose, in which city, about twenty-six years ago, he was married to Miss Mariana Constance Rives, the daughter of Manuel Bernardo and Marie Constance Rives, natives of Portugal, where the father passed away.   They had four children; manuel died at the age of twenty-four years; Maria C. is Mrs. Silva of Livingston, Cal.; Antonio Teixiera lives in San Jose and is a fine portrait painter and architect; Mrs. Allemao came to California when twenty-seven years old with her mother to join her brother, Antonio. who had been here some years.  The mother died afterwards in Flagstaff, Ariz.  It was in San Jose she met Mr. Allemao and they were married.  Mr. and Mrs. Allemao were the parents of a daughter , Maria Constancia, who died when sixteen months old.

Mr. and Mrs. Allemao have always been warm supporters of religion and religious work; and to their generosity is due the two wonderful bells in the Church of the Five Wounds, East San Jose, costing over $1,500, besides contributing liberally to the building of the church, and when the cornerstone services were held Mr. and Mrs.. Allemao furnished the marble cornerstone at a cost of $150.00.  They are very kindhearted and  generous and manya poor and needy family have been made happier by their aid.

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Transcribed by CDF