The Valley of Heart's Delight

Santa Clara Valley Fruit Grower

SURNAMES;  Michel, Baumgarntner,

An enterprising rancher of the Santa Clara Valley, who by industry and perseverance has succeeded in accumulating a substantial competence, and comfortable home, is Otto Abel, who owns a fine orchard on the Homestead Road.  He was born in the Rhine Province, Germany, June 22, 1865, the son of John and Eva Abel, both natives of that county, and there he was reared on a farm and received his education, remaining at home until he was eighteen years old, when he left home, bound for America and California.  He settled first in the Sacramento Valley and did farm work for ten years near Marysville, Cal., then removing to the Santa Clara Valley he bought ten acres on the Foxworthy Road.  For five years he farmed this place and worked for neighboring farmers, thus enabling him to pay for his ranch. He resided on this place for twelve years, then disposed of it and rented a fifteen-acre fruit ranch, and ran this for two years; then in 1907 he bought the thirty-acre orchard on the Homestead Road.  This ranch was set to prunes, but was an old orchard and Mr. Abel pulled out the old trees and planted in anew; also built a new house and other buildings, making substantial and attractive improvements.

Mr. Abel's marriage occurred in the  fall of 1894 in Sacramento and united him with Miss Eva Michel , a native daughter of Adam and Margaret Michel.  Both parents were natives of Rhine Province in Germany, and were farmers there.  They are the parents of three children; Anna, now Mrs. H. J. Baumgartner, residing on a ranch; Lawrence resides in Sunnyvale; and Edward lives at home with his parents.  Mr. Abel disposed of ten acres of his ranch in 1915; retaining the balance of twenty acres.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,
 published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1396


Santa Clara County- The Valley of Heart's Delight
July 22. 2005