Surnames: BAITX, SHAW

Identified with the commercial activities of California for almost forty years and in Santa Clara County for fourteen years, Peter Sabatte established the garage located a 222 South Market Street, and which is now operated by his two sons, Edmond and Joseph Sabatte. He was born in the year of 1865 at Oloron in the Basses-Pyrenees, France; and when he was seventeen years old, came to America and California; locating in Oakland he established himself in a creamery, with a restaurant. He had married Miss Jeanne Baitx, and she proved the best of wives and mothers. Later the family removed to Santa Clara and where, for three years, Mr. Sabatte conducted a dairy on Newhall Street. He then purchased a ranch of forty acres on the Alviso Road, about three miles north of San Jose, given to alfalfa culture, and for eight years he conducted there a large dairy. Mr. and Mrs. Sabatte are the parents of five children: Edmond, Joseph, Yvonne, Elsie and Frank.

In August, 1921, Mr. Sabatte purchased the garage and its patronage at 222 South Market Street, San Jose, from Picchetti Bros. and turned it over to his two sons, Edmond and Joseph; and Edmond Sabatte was made manager. The garage building is 60x120 feet in size; and it is equipped with every appliance necessary for first-class overhauling of all makes of machines. The public appreciate the service there guaranteed, and it is necessary to employ five men regularly to handle the patronage. The Sabatte Bros. are also the agents, for Santa Clara County, for the Reliance Trailers.

Edmond, the eldest of the brothers, was born in Oakland July 24, 1898, and Joseph, born in the same city February 12, 1900, and they attended the public school in Berkeley and Santa Clara parochial school, then Edmond attended Santa Clara College for a time while Joseph went to Santa Clara high school. They then assisted the father on the dairy ranch until they took over this garage, which they now own and manage. Edmond Sabatte was married in San Jose February 23, 1921, to Miss May Shaw, a native of England.

Mr. Sabatte is a stand-pat Democrat. He works for the best interests of the community with the same thoroughness that he manifests in the conduct of his private business affairs, and his efforts have counted for much in his locality.

Transcribed by Joseph Kral, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1304


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