The Valley of Heart's Delight

New Almaden Mine Engineer
Uvas Canyon Family -Founders of the Uvas School 1875
Santa Clara County

SURNAMES:  Gallagher, Daly

An esteemed and worthy pioneer of Santa Clara County was Richard Atkinson, a native of England, born in Chester County on May 10, 1837.  He came to America while still a young man and was engaged in farming on the Tarpy Rancho on the coast below Monterey, and in the early '60s removed to the New Almaden MInes, where he was employed as engineer for many years, and his untimely death was caused by injury received there.  He passed away at the Atkinson home on Croy Road, Uvas Canyon, October 1, 1875.

In 1862 Mr. Atkinson had married Miss Sarah Gallagher, a native of County Sligo, Ireland, born August 19, 1839, who passed away November 16, 1918, at the family home,  After Mr. Atkinson's death the burden of proving up on the land fell on the mother, but she was equal to the task, and on April 9, 1881, the family came into clear and full possession of the  160 acres on the Croy Road.  Mrs. Atkinson also had the responsibility of rearing and education of three children:  Sarah died in childhood; Mary is now owner of the ranch; Josephine is the wife of Philip Daly, and they are the parents of five children and reside at Mendota; Richard J. is deceased.   The children were educated in the Uvas district school, of which Mrs. Atkinson was the founder, having given a portion of her ranch for the establishment of the school in 1875, and she rurnished part of the lumber, while J. W. Week and Peter Bosset built the building.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 940

TRANSCRIBERS NOTE_ snipit from an article posted to the net on Wed, Sep. 25, 2002 regarding a fire in the Uvas Canyon- San Jose Mercury News:
150 descendants of Richard Atkinson, who was one of the first white settlers in the Uvas Canyon in 1865, still own 160 acres along Uvas Creek. They include the Fahrner, Boggs, Daly and Wermuth families, who use the property, with a baseball diamond and volleyball court, as a summer camp.

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