SURNAMES: Pellier, Octeau, Casalegno, Claverie, Caillou,

A worthy representative of an old and interesting family is found in Elise Renaud, the widow of Leon Renaud, a Frenchman who came to California in the early '80s, and the daughter of that distinguished pioneer, Pierre Pellier.  Elise Pellier was born in .  Elise Pellier  was born in Santa Clara County on her father's ranch , known as the Yerba Buena ranch, east of Evergreen in the foothills.   The father was born in SAnta Pauliet, France, was reared and schooled there, and as he grew up, worked hard on his father's place.  After he had served seven years in the army of France, he and his brother, Louis, decided to come to America, an din 1849 they left their native land and journeyed, by way of the Horn, to america, arriving in San Francisco six months later.  He made three trips to california before h married Miss Henrietta E. Octeau, bringing her to California about thirty years ago, one trip to California being made via the Isthmus of Panama.  Locating in Santa Clara County, he established his home on the 315 acre Yerba Buena ranch, east of Evergreen.  The last time that Pierre Pellier came to America he brought with him cuttings and seeds of many varieties of fruits from his native country, among others the first French prune trees set out in the Santa Clara Valley.  There were also wine and fancy table grapes; and in 1855 the brothers engaged in the  nursery business at San Jose.  In 1880, Pierre Pellier, accompanied by his two daughters, Helene and Elise, returned to France for a visit, and in 1895 he died at Evergreen, on the home place, where his wife had passed away fifteen years before.  Pierre Pellier and his wife were the parents of five children.  Louis died at the age of sixteen; Henrietta is the wife of Thomas Casalegno; Helene is deceased; Elise is Mr. Renaud; Josephine is Mr. Mitchell Casalegno, the mother of six children, and the family reside at Morgan Hill.
Elise began her education in the Evergreen schools, finishing at the convent of Notre Dame in San Jose, and on June 2, 1883, she was united in marriage with Leon Renaud, a native of France, born near La Valle.  Mr. Renaud came to California in 1882, locating in the Santa Clara Valley on a ranch of eighty-seven acres near the Pellier home.  This tract of land was in its virgin state and he set to work to clear it of the thick undergrowth and planted one-half of it to vineyard, later setting out an  orchard of thirty-five acres to apricots.  Mr. and Mrs. Renaud were the parents of eight children; Theophile L., rancher in Evergreen; Virginia is the wife of John Claverie, a baker, and they reside in San Jose; Clemintine married Caillou, a baker, of San Jose; Leon T. assists his mother on the ranch; Henrietta is a graduate nurse of the O'Connor Sanitarium; Victoria, Martin and Adelaide, the latter a graduate of San Joe high school and Heald's Business College. Mr. Renaud was a member of the Franco-Italian lodge of the Odd Fellows of san Jose .  He was accidentally killed by being thrown from a wagon and passed away September 16, 1900.  In 1906 Mrs. Renaud built a commodious residence upon her ranch of seventy-eight years, which is devote to vineyard, prunes and apricots.  The place has a most beautiful situation, overlooking the Santa Clara Valley; it lies high and is above the frost belt; is very productive, and is especially adapted for early vegetables.  Mrs. Renaud's home life is ideal; she is loved by her family and respected by all who know her.

transcribed by C feroben from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California, published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page  1321