Undertakers of Palo Alto
SURNAMES:  Pfaff, Duncan,  Frost, Kerr

Prominent among the up-to-date, indispensable establishments of Palo Alto may well be mentioned that of Messrs. Roller & Hapgood, the undertakers, of 430 University Avenue. Arthur Roller, the senior member, was born in San Francisco, the son of J. W. Roller, a native of Michigan, who married Miss Elizabeth Pfaff, of San Francisco. Her father came to the Coast as early as 1851 and ventured across the continent in doing so, meeting and overcoming all of the perils and hardships of the overland route. J. W. Roller came to California in 1863, and having established this business, he managed it until he sold out to his son and Mr. Hap-good in 1912. Arthur Roller attended the public schools in San Francisco and also in Palo Alto, and at Palo Alto, in 1909, married Miss Leah Arlene Duncan. She was born in Mayfield, Santa Clara County, and grew up an accomplished young woman. Two children, Willis A. and Robert Lewis, have been born to them.

Frank A. Hapgood, the junior member of the enterprising firm, was born in Nebraska, and his father, Alfred A. Hapgood, was a native of Ohio. His wife was Miss Ella Frost before her marriage, and she was born in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Hap-good came to California about 1900, and Mr. Hap-good is with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company as its agent at San Jose. Frank went to the public schools of Santa Cruz and then was employed in the Bank of Palo Alto until 1912, since which time he has been in this firm. He married Miss Eva Kerr, a native of Iowa, and they have one son, Robert. Messrs. Roller & Hapgood enjoy a wide and enviable reputation for the perfection with which they operate their service in behalf of afflicted humanity and according to the last word of science.

Ffrom Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1460

Roller and Hapgood is still in business- and has merged with Tinney Funeral Home
This is their webiste


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