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A man of exceptional business qualifications, with broad and liberal views in commercial affairs, was the late Arthur W. Bogart, a native of Nova Scotia, who was a shoe manufacturer until he came to San Francisco in 1871, where he became one of the early shoe manufacturers in that city, being associated with Messers. Earl and Sawyer of the firm of Earl & Company, the business growing to parge proportions.  When Mr. Bogart's oldes son reached the age of twenty=one he sold his interest in Earl & Company and started the hardware business on Market Street, the firm being A. W.  Bogart & Son, and they built up a large and priofitable business.  Mr. Bogart's years of very active life had finally worn on him and his health became impaired and he retired from business, choosing Los Gatos as his home, but it was not long he could remain idle, however, so he purchased frontage on Santa Cruz Avenue and built the Bogart Building and there he stated a hardware store.  He also built other business property in Los Gatos.
Mr. Bogart was married in Lynn, Mass., to Jemima A. Templeman, a native of Massachusetts, the daughter of Andrew and Patience (Beardsley) Templeman, born in Maine and Nova Scotia, respectively.  Her grandfather, John Templeman, was a native of England, a seafaring man, and as captian sailed various foreigh ports of the world.  He married Miss. Avis Graham, who travelled with him until he met an accidental death at  St. Johns, New Brunswick, his widow being left with four children.  Mrs. Templeman , a woman of remarkable personality, then sold her husband's shipping interests and engaged in the mercantile business and thus reared and educated her children.  Andrew Templeman was the eldest child and ably assisted his mother until he became interested in shipping, becoming a vessel owner and captain sailing into different ports.  He was largely interested in fishing at the Grand Banks, the headqurters for his dozen fishing vessels being Pt. Lorne. He was a splendid man and one of the best of husbands and fathers.  He passed away at the age of fifty-one years, the father of fifteen children, Mrs. Bogart being the eighth.  Only five of thechldren are now living.  Aftger her husband's death, Mrs. Templeman continued the business, passing away at the age of seventy-five yeras.  Mrs. Bogart waas deeply interested in her husband's success and his passing away at their San Francisco resident on February 13, 1916, left a deep void and sorrow in her life.  They had eight children, four of whom grew to maturity; Sewell was associated with his father in San Francisco until he moved to San Jose, where he became a very successful business man.  He passed away, aged thirty-one, leaving a widow and two children- Sewall Jr., and Edith.  He was a prominent Knight Templar and Shriner.  Frank is a violinist, is located in Oakland; he is a member of the hardware firm of Bogart Mercanitle Sales Company, is married and has two children.  Mr. Florence Brooks is the only daughter, Harry Andrew Templeman, a graduate of Brewer's Military Academy, studied music in Italy, has a fine baritone voice and sang in opera in Europe, as well as the United States; he is located in Fresno as a teacher of voice, is married and has a daughter, Barbara Adeline, who studied piano and toured Europe.  She is now the wife of Adrain Rogers Moreland of San Francisco.
After her husband's death, Mrs. Bogart took up business affairs and is looking after their large interests and being possessof much business ability is giving a good account of her stewardship.  She has travelled extensively throughout the States and Canada, as well as in Europe, and every year of two makes a visit back to Massachusetts.  In 1919 Mrs. Bogard completed a beautiful colonial residence on Glenridge Avenue, Los Gatos, where she makes her home and dispenses a genrous hospitality to her numerous friends.  She is a member of the Eastern Star and the Presbyterian Church.  Mr. Bogart was a man of exceptional business ability and his enterporise and public spirit had much to do with the building up of Los Gaos where his memory is revered.
Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922, page 1266  
BIO- Sawyers

A man who for many years took a prominent part in the business life of San Jose and was greatly interested in the growth of the community was the late Sewall B. Bogart, a son of A. W., Bogart, represented on another page in this work.  Sewall B. Bogart was born in Lynn, Mass., June 11, 1872, but came to San Francisco when a small boy with his parents. After completing the public schools he chose the hardware business for his field of action, learning the business in all of its details with Huntington, Hopkins & Company of San Francisco, after which he started a hardware store on Market Street of that city, continuing until he came to San Jose, and with Arthur Holmes was owner of the San Jose Hardware Company.  After a number of years of successful business Mr. Bogart sold his interest and established the S. B. Bogart Hardware Company on South First Street, San jose, where his straightforward method in his dealings enabled him to build up a large business.,  He eventually sold out his business and returned toe San Francisco , becoming a member of the firm of Brittain & Company, hardware merchants, having charge of the general hardware department.  He was rated as one of the best men in this line in the city,.  He was not permitted, however, to enjoy the fruits of his labors, nor to carry out his plans, for only a short time after their opening he was stricken by death, dropping dead in front of the Emporium on Market Street as he was hastening to take a train, May 9, 1909.

Mr. Bogart was married in San Francisco, October 13, 1894, to Miss Fannie Kennedy, who was born in  San Francisco a daughter of James Kennedy, a pioneer dry goods merchant on Post Street, in the  metropolis.  Mrs. Bogart was reared in San Francisco and completed her education at Irving Institute. They were blessed with two children:  Edith Adeline, a graduate of Washburn School, San Jose, studied music, specializing in piano and organ; she is now the wife of Thos. Alton, Jr., of San Mateo, and they have a child named Margery; Sewall B., is a graduate of San Jose high school and resides with his mother.  Mr. Bogart was a Knights Templar, Mason and Shriner, being a member of California Commandery  No. 1 and Islam Temple of San Francisco, and was also a member of the San Jose Lodge of Elks.  He was a talented musician, excelling on piano and organ, and from the age of nineteen he was organist in churches.  While residing in San Jose he was the organist at the Second Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member. He was buried with Masonic honors  After her husband's death Mrs. Bogart made her home in the family residence in San Jose , caring for and looking after the education of their two children.  In 1920, with her son, she took up her residence in San Mateo.  Like her husband, she too is a Presbyterian.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922, page 1317