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THE Society of California Pioneers in this county is a large and prosperous one and includes men and women who, by their cheerful spirit and firmness of character, command the general respect and esteem of their fellow citizens.

This society was organized in 1875 with Cary Peebles as President, pro tem., and A. P. Murgotten as Secretary. The object of the organization, as set forth by the president, was for social intercourse and to hold an annual reunion of the pioneer residents of the county who had arrived in the state during 1853 or earlier. At this meeting Colonel Coleman Younger, Judge A. L. Rhodes, John Trimble, Judge Davis Divine, and John M. Murphy were appointed a committee on permanent organization, and to draft the constitution and by-laws for the government of the new society. The first reunion and picnic was held on June 22, 1875, at O'Donnell's Garden. The first officers were Judge A. L. Rhodes, President; John M. Murphy and P. 0. Minor, Vice-Presidents; A. P. Murgotten, Secretary; John H. Moore, Treasurer; 'Colonel Younger, Davis Divine, John Trimble, Adolph Pfister, Cary Peebles, and B. D. Murphy, Directors. The officers of the organization now are C. R. Woodhams, President; E. G. Hines and Mrs. E. W. Simons, Vice-Presidents; W. D. J. Hambly, Secretary; and L. A. Spitzer, Treasurer.

The generation of pioneers is fast passing away, but their sons and daughters have been drinking deeply of their spirit and are not lacking in their father's energy and perseverance. These have organized under the name of Sons and Daughters of California Pioneers, and the membership roll includes Mrs. Caroline Benson, Miss Blanche Blanchard, Miss Lizzie Bergler, Miss Juliette A. Burns, Miss Nellie F. Bowen, Mrs. Frank J. Brandon, Miss Fannie Coddington, Mrs. E. J. Columbet, Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, Miss Lida C. Clark, Miss Ida Devendorf, Mrs. Mamie Doud, Miss Joey Denton, Miss Edith Eddy, Miss Josephine E. Eddy, Miss Virginia Eddy, Miss Nellie Evans, Miss Elizabeth Evans, Miss Cornelia M. Farley, Mrs. James Gally, Mrs. Annie Gilman, Mrs. A. G. Gruwell, Mrs. Hattie Gregg, Mrs. L. E. Hines, Mrs. Jettora W. Hyde, Mrs. Andrew P. Hill, Miss Laura Hildreth, Miss Hall, Mrs. M. H. Hyland, Mrs. Helen F. Haynes, Mrs. Mary E. Hall, Miss Alice Humphrey, Miss Stella Herndon, Miss Mildred Hanson, Miss Florence Inskep, Mrs. W. A. January, Mrs. 0. M. Keesling, Mrs. Edwin A. Kennedy, Miss Abbey Lewis, Miss Elizabeth Lewis, Mrs. L. Leibe, Mrs. Louis Loupe, Mrs. A. P. Murgotten, Mrs. Lucy J. Morgan, Mrs. Mary F. McVay, Miss Carrie L. Peckham, Miss Lois A. Peckham, Mrs. Homer Prindle, Miss Eva Prindle, Mrs. Mary A. Pillot, Mrs. C. A. Putney, Miss Ida Rogers, Miss Edith C. Richards, Mrs. Thomas Singleton, Mrs. Edwin E. Skinner, Mrs. W. E. Trimble, Mrs. W. H. Van Valer, Miss Bertha Warren, Mrs. George F. Williams, Miss Jessie Williamson, Miss Augusta Younger, John M. Fitzgerald, L. J. Chipman, A. L. Dornberger, Charles B. Gleason, W. D. J. Hambly, Andrew P. Hill, Wilber F. Henning, Irvine P. Henning, M. H. Hyland, Edwin A. Kennedy, James S. Lawrence, A. P. Murgotten, Gustave A. Malech, John G. McMillan, J. A. Peckham, Homer Prindle, J. R. Rodeck, Edwin W. Skinner, Edwin A. Skinner, and C. S. Sullivan.
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The officers are Charles B. Gleason, President; Mrs. Frank J. Brandon, First Vice-President; Mrs. Mary Pillot, Second Vice-President; Mrs. G. F. Williams, Third Vice-President; Miss JessieWilliamson, Secretary; Homer Prindle, Treasurer.

Native sons have come to the front in all lines of work; while in the sphere of letters, on the stage, in music, and in art, fair California women have thrilled thousands in their own and foreign lands. A powerful body, whose number is legion, have banded together under the name of Native Sons, and equally as large a body under the name of Native Daughters. Both these orders are founded on magnificent principles, and the aims and objects of each are to promote social intercourse, and to aid the sick and needy in time of affliction by deeds and words of affection, as well as by the beneficiary fund, and to thus extend the hand in charity without the recipient's feeling the hurt that is so often felt when alms are bestowed merely from a sense of duty. They aim to perpetuate the memory of the soul-stirring deeds of the pioneers, and to keep alive interest in early California history. No sectarian or political doctrines have a place in the by-laws of these organizations, and the members stand ever loyally by the Stars and Stripes.

Vendome Parlor, No. 100, Native Daughters of the Golden West
, had its first meeting at Hotel Vendome, and elected the charter members into their respective offices. On. March 12, 1897, the parlor was instituted by the Grand Secretary, Mrs. Georgia Ryan, who was assisted by District Deputy Grand President, Miss Dora Zmudowski, and Grand Organizer, Miss Anna Worth. It had a charter list of twenty-seven members. The present officers are: Past President, Mrs. Ella Garcia; President, Miss Lottie Bragg; First Vice-President, Mrs. Robert De Zaldo; Second Vice-President, Miss Julia La Montagne; Third Vice-President, Miss Emma Koenig; Marshal, Miss Frankie Stockton; Financial Secretary, Miss Delia McAbee; Recording Secretary, Miss Eva Prindle; Outside Sentinel, Mrs. Elsie Doerr; Inside Sentinel, Miss Eva Riddle; Surgeon, Dr. Caroline Avery; Trustees, Miss Tillie Brohaska, Mrs. Mary Thwaits, and Mrs. Virginia Gruen. The Parlor has an orchestra consisting of: piano, Miss Tillie Brohaska; violin, Miss Lizzie Cunan; cornet, Miss Delia McAbee; clarionet, Miss Julia La Montagne; saxiphone, Miss Laura Cottle; cello, Mrs. Flora Rease; piccola, Miss Laura La Montagne.

San Jose Parlor, No. 81, Native Daughters of the Golden West, met for the first time on June 29, 1894, with Grand President, Miss M. Coulter, presiding. She was assisted in initiating the Parlor by District Deputy Grand President Miss Alice Coulverwell; Past Grand President, Miss Wittenmeyer; Grand Vice-President, Miss Mary Bertola; Grand Secretary, Mrs. Georgia Ryan. The present officers are: Past President, Mrs. Ethel Pyle Ressiguie; President, Mrs. Eleanor P. Anderson; First Vice-President, Mrs. H. Munfrey; Second Vice-President, Miss Mamie Campbell; Third Vice-President, Miss Hazel Carkeet; Marshal, Mrs. Josie Barboni; Financial Secretary, Miss Nettie Yocco; Recording Secretary, Miss Belle Pyle; Outside Sentinel, Miss Lottie Wade; Inside Sentinel, Mrs. Lorena Lee; Organist, Miss Henrietta Poulain; Surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Gallimore; Trustees, Mrs. Alice Trousdale, Mrs. Eleanor Belloli-Hammond, and Mrs. Iva Belloli.

Palo Alto Parlor, No. 82, Native Sons of the Golden West, has a membership of over one hundred. It was organized on April 5, 1886, by the District Deputy Grand President Edward Younger, assisted by members of San Jose Parlor No. 22, California Parlor No. 7, and Monterey Parlor, No. 75. The officers now are: Past President, H. I. Mabury; President, J. J. Tormey; First Vice-President, H. W. Hoenes; Second Vice-President, B. Dreischmeyer; Third Vice-President, G. P. Bull; Marshal, C. McGinley; Recording Secretary, H. McComas; Financial Secretary, I. L. Koppel; Treasurer, F. M. Stern; Physicians, Dr. G. V. Saph and Dr. George W. Seifert; Trustees, J. A. Peckham, R. F. Brown, A. J. Hocking, and T. B. Reardon.

Observatory Parlor, No. 177, Native Sons of the Golden West, is a prosperous organization having for its officers: Past President, H. C. Doerr; President, F. H. Benson; First Vice-President, J. A. Delmar; Second Vice-President, C. H. Bauer; Third Vice-President, W. H. Jung; Recording Secretary, J. M. Longdon; Financial Secretary, J. E. Hancock; Treasurer, W. J. Boschken; Surgeon, Dr. J. N. Johnston.

San Jose Parlor, No. 22, Native Sons of the Golden West
, has for its officers: Past President, Martin I. Welch; President, T. E. Lahan; First Vice-President, M. M. Prola; Second Vice-President, M. E. Griffith; Third Vice-President, S. Semichy; Marshal, G. D. O'Connell; Recording Secretary, A. Pedemonte; Financial Secretary, E. T. Coffe; Treasurer, H. R. Tripp; Trustee, J. A. Anthes; Hall Trustee, Thomas Monahan; Surgeon, Dr. Lincoln Cothran.


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