Businesslike. alert. energetic and genial, Theodore C. Lundin is engaged in the lucrative business of merchant tailor, with attractive rooms in the Bank of San Jose building. He thoroughly understands his business, having had many years of practice in his chosen line of work. He was born in Alameda County, near Fruitvale, a son of Theodore C. and Anna C. Lundin. and attended the grammar and high schools of San Francisco. In 1886 he took up the tailoring trade at the John J. Mitchell Cutting school in New York City, and ten years later he removed to San Jose and entered the employ of Springs. Inc. having charge of their tailoring department until 1907. He then took a post graduate course with John J. Mitchell in New York. after which he returned to San Jose and opened up for himself, his business steadily increasing year after year.

The marriage of Mr. Lundin occurred in San Francisco, February 22, 1894, uniting him with Miss Kitty Roberts, a daughter of William and Sarah Roberts. Her father was a native of England, coming to California and settling in San Francisco in an early day. He was also a merchant tailor and was for years located in the Palace Hotel. Mrs. Roberts is deceased while Mr. Roberts is still living. Mr. and Mrs. Lundin are the parents of two children, Almer Roberts, and Dorothy Kitty. Almer Roberts enlisted for service in the World War, March, 1917, training at Camp Kearney and Fort Scott in the Fortieth Division of a sanitary train, going to France. For three months he served with the English forces. While in France he served in the One Hundred Fifty-ninth Infantry under Colonel Farrell, seeing thirteen days of heavy fighting on the Somme. He returned to America by the way of Saint Nazaire arriving at Hoboken, N. J.. he was sent to. the Presidio, San Francisco, and was discharged in May, 1919. He then took a course at the University of California agricultural school at Davis and on completion of his course in 1920 took charge of the twenty-one acre property in the Almaden district adjacent to San Jose, planted to apricots and walnuts.
Fraternally, Mr. Lundin is a charter member of the Elks of San Jose; also a member of the Masons, being a Knight Templar. He is active in the Rotary Club of San Jose. Politically he is a stalwart Republican. He works for the best interest of the commonwealth with the same thoroughness that he manifests in the conduct of his business affairs and in both has made substantial progress.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1113


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