Located on the magnificent Toyon Farm on the Moody Road east of Los Altos, Thomas J. Burrows is a thoroughly experienced farmer and horticulturist, a hard worker and a good manager, and enters heartily into his work of tilling, planting and beautifying the great Toyon Farm, owned by Horace L. Hill, Jr., of Los Altos. He was born in Surrey, England, November 2, 1883, where he grew up, enjoying common school advantages. On January 4, 1909, he was married to Miss Esther Elizabeth Devenish, who was born and reared in London. Mr. Burrows desiring to better his condition emigrated to the United States, arriving the latter part of 1909, and first settled in New Jersey where he found work on a farm, also was employed in a nursery for a time. He worked in various nurseries throughout the East, and in March, 1912, was joined by his wife in Connecticut, where he was then employed.

Desiring to see the Pacific Coast, he, with his family, came to California that same year. They went to San Mateo County where he worked in the McRorie and McClarins nurseries at San Mateo. While residing there their three children were born, Esther Dorothy, Douglas Malcomb and Margery Alice. By careful and industrious work he rose to be foreman and was occupied in the capacity until 1921, when he came to the Toyon Farm. He has charge of all the agricultural and horticultural work on said ranch, which is one of the most beautiful farms in all California, its owner spending money freely to make it beautiful and productive. It is situated in the Los Altos hills and is a natural beauty spot, enhanced by expert landscape work and cultivation. Mr. Burrows has already set out two acres of the celebrated Renaree raspberries, which are a favorite in this section of the county. Though anEnglishman by birth, Mr. Burrows enters heartily into the affairs of the United States, being a naturalized American citizen and a stanch Republican.

From Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 1195


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