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One of Santa Clara County's prominent residents well known through his educational activities, is Victor Dornberger, a native son of Santa Clara County, born September 4, 1865.  His father, Lambert Dornberger, was a native of France, born in Alsace, France, April 3, 1828, and was for a few years employed in the dairying business in his native land.  On June 9th, 1850, he left his native country and journeyed to the United states and by way of the Isthmus of Panama arrived in SAn Francisco in the year 1854; in 1856 he moved into Santa Clara County settled on a ranch at the head of Stevens Creek, back of  Los Altos; in 1869 he moved the family to Mayfield, Santa Clara County.

His marriage in 1861, had united him with Miss Anna Kleniclaus, also a native of Alsace, and seven children were born to them, six sons, all living, and one daughter, Mrs. Julia Ross, now deceased.  The father passed away in 1910 and the mother in 1900.

Victor Dornberger received his preliminary education in the public schools of Mayfield, later supplementing it with a full course at the State Normal at San Jose, graduating with the class of 1885.  His first teaching experience was for seven years at Mayfield, the family home town; then in December, 1894, he went to Wadsworth, Nev., where he remained as principal for four years, then to Lovelock, Nev., for five years; then returned to Mayfield, Cal., where he taught for seven years.  In the year of 1911 he took charge of the Lincoln School, San Jose, where he is still instructor, and to his efforts are due much of the great progress and development which have characterized the public schools of this city.

His first marriage united him with Miss Susie M. Beeson, who passed away in 1917; one child, Victrine Suzette, was born to them.  His second marriage was to Mary F. Corkery, daughter of an old pioneer family.  While prinicpal of  the school at Mayfield, Mr. Dornberger served on the town board and for one year was chairman of the board.  During the recent war, gave active assistance in all the drives; assisted the physicians with the physical and mental examinations of the soldiers and sailors.  He has rendered valuable assistance in maintaining the standard of excellence in educational affairs in his vicinity, and he may be relied upon at all times to support measures which have for their object the betterment and progress of mankind.  He is a consistent member of the Catholic Church and is a member of the California Teachers' Association and the National Educational Association, and he has taken lecture courses at the Teachers' College as well as in Nevada, while a resident there.  Of the original ranch purchased by Lambert Dornberger, consisting of 1,300 acres, 800 of it is now owned by Victor and twin brother, Albert L. Dornberger, and known as the Dornberger Ranch.

Transcribed by Carolyn Feroben, from Eugene T. Sawyers' History of Santa Clara County,California,  published by Historic Record Co. , 1922. page 670

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